?Crowdfunding?, help with suggestions

(Gavin Brown) #1

I have discovered a potential brilliant project in the UK to create a headquarters for a seasteading division, call it Seasteading UK. Haile sands fort sits about a mile off the east coast facing the north sea. Spread over 4 floors with multiple rooms which could be used as a b&b or hotel for UK seasteaders to meet and discuss projects. It’s also opposite the Netherlands so a potential good spot to bring over prototypes from delta sync for testing as it sits on a handy concrete hexagonal base. Unfortunately it’s a project in itself and I don’t have the cash sitting around to make a cash purchase. Suggestions and advice welcome.

(stephen russell) #2

Is this near the Solent Forts, did send fwd email to Seasteading.org about Solent Forts for Seastead use & mode;, 19th century military Seasteads in UK. Solent Forts.


(Gavin Brown) #4

That’s the ones, Bull Sand Fort is apparently been brought and to be used as a Drug rehabilitation centre. Haile Sand Fort is/was used as a domestic dwelling but still needs work. Unfortunately the owners step-father who was the driving force has past away.

Could a charitable trust be formed?


(Gavin Brown) #5

Was really hoping for more traffic and responses on this post. I know the institute has done crowd funding before so hoped you would all have great advice on the matter. The fort is up for £300,000 but i would guess that it needs another £100,000 to get it to open doors status. The ideas for seasteading related activities are endless. Nautical training center would be good training for future generation’s about the sea and how to live on it.

(Larry G) #6

Haven’t seen much actual progress from TSI on funding real experiments. They’re more in the game of publicity for the concept.

Supposedly, there’s behind the scenes work being done with proprietary research that will eventually result in prototypes being built by a for-profit entity. Not sure exactly how that squares with the tax exempt non-profit status.

If someone had a solid business plan and were soliciting investors, it would probably be more reasonable to look for funding. Personally, the UK is outside of my preferred zones, but I wish you luck.