Crisis? What crisis?

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Crisis seems to bel like an addiction. First denial, tahn ager, apathy and acceptance, forgetfullness, denial again, and so on.
I think the crisises originate from the behavior of the individuals.
People are bored. Lets create a crisis, lets search for enemies.
It is for fun, and it is the Games People Play by Eric Berne.
And it is the roles people live.
It is like when Bear Claw looks at the pants of Jeremiah Johnson, and sais:
" There was another war down there? "
And yet some people call it escapism. Crisis addiction is escapism.
The way I see the mechanism is; people grant basic needs to be taken care of by
other human individuals. They originally fail to take care of these basic needs.
These basic needs are between the indivdual and the Natural Laws. Human individuals
are destined to fail, then life is threatened, and there is crisis.
And crisis is good, because we are addicted to crisis. Crisis brings denial and resentment.
Later, crisis brings anger, apathy, resentment and disillusionment.
And the cycle continues.
Those who want to get out of the cycle are called escapists.

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