Could a Seastead be the first country to implement a Universal Basic Income?

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Did anyone ask where the money will come from to pay a “basic living” on a seastead, and how much money, and in what denomination, that will be? Or even if it is not money but goods and services, room and board?

That said, i find that the topic question shows the asker does not understand the concept of a new country.


68? Gentleman? Really?

Judging by your overall insulting to any intelligence posts, I thought that you are just a 12 year old misguided, megalomaniac teenager.

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Indeed. All the time I hear how expensive Seasteading is and how we are running out of work.To those people: Pick one. You can’t have it both.


I am surprised this thread is still active. There is so much work to be done. I don’t understand why anyone would subsidize inaction at the sea.

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Actually in our group we tested the feasibility of a small floating dome structure, equivalent to a 40 square-meter apartment - on a price level of under USD 1000 in the poor man´s floating island project. | ref: poor man´s floating island |

The current situation with the poblations on the Magdalena River banks is, that they get flooded twice a year and call for government help (disaster funds) ... sumnister floating homes is just by far more economic than any alternative... I think the situation in India and Asia is similar. Instead of relocating the poblation periodically - (in tents to higher ground) just to see them return to the river banks when the water goes down and repeate the cycle ... floating homes provide a elegant permanent solution.
In fact i see no obstacle to take this as a investment and feasible business model.
Suminister a home a space of tranquility and opportunity to somebody who is in distress and speculate on the expectation that he soon will become a very productive member of your community and pay back a ROI (return on investment) that is better than the 2% per annum that the S&P markets on Wall Street will give you.
We call that business with objectives beyond pure (short sighted) money acumulation... In our days the most advanced business concepts go beyond money - just take Elon Musk he makes good money by doing things that INSPIRE people - looks like a working model to follow. Things will have to become much more "social responsible" and holistic on this is about fairness, equilibrium, respect and opportunity - not necessaryly about politics and interfere with people´s lives without their consent by forcing the arbitrary rules of a rigged sistem on them.
As investor you feel good about the fact that your money beside multiplicating reasonable and being invested in safe haven infrastructure projects - is contributing to make the planet a better place.

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Well, well , well. Here we are again, 40 m2 apartment, and poor man’s seastead;
that is all landlubber logic. There might be other type of logic.
If I want headroom, I can stay on the deck. If I feel cold, I can drift closer to the equator.
Those are kind of nautical terms. And there are more of those, and there are probably
even more to discover.

One of the seasteader thing would be (IMHO) : “vote with your boat”

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dear sir–i can no longer reference my last message to you two days ago, in which i referred to amongst other things relating to the Ring-Weave technology in considerable detail, a sequence of humanitarian projects which i have developed for a variety of developmental aid initiatives in the form of a unique flood mitigation system in the Ganges Delta in West Bengal India as well as a sewage system for slum environments in Africa. One of these developmental aid projects employs the Ring-Weave Up-cycle System for scrap tires and plastic refuse to construct multi functional survival platforms of any shape or size which can be easily and rapidly assembled by local inhabitants with only muscle power and carpet knives and securely positioned next to every village which is endangered on a regular basis nowadays by storm surge flooding. The current situation you portrayed on the Magdalena River could be addressed in a similar manner. Indeed the application of Ring-Web scrap tire Up-cycle Technology on land for to counter act mud slides as well as the construction of secondary roads can contribute to a wide range of applications in Colombia as well. However since i cannot seem to develop a clear communication with you without an increasingly irritating and moreover clearly unqualified interference from some TSI participants i will no longer use this forum to share my knowledge in future and hope you use this last message to you personally to establish a private e-mail address by which we could perhaps continue our constructive interaction.

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That is the most dense pile of buzzwords i have ever seen.

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Hello Mr. Weiland;
I sent an email address in TSI message.