Constitution and Bill of Rights type Charter...?


Proposed Iceland crowd-sourced Constitution might be a more open look into the type of Charter a seastead could develop from…

A Proposal for a new Constitution for the Republic of Iceland
Drafted by Stjórnlagaráð,
a Constitutional Council, appointed by an Althingi resolution on March 24th 2011.

English translation

We, the people who inhabit Iceland, wish to create a just society where every person has equal opportunity. Our diverse origin enriches our society and together we are responsible for the heritage of generations, our country and its history, nature, language and culture.
Iceland is a free and sovereign state with freedom, equality, democracy and human rights as its cornerstones.
The government shall endeavour to strengthen the welfare of the country‘s inhabitants, encourage their culture and respect the diversity of the life of the people, the country and its biosphere.
We wish to promote harmony, security and happiness amongst us and coming generations. We are determined to work towards peace with other nations and respect for the earth and all mankind.
In light thereof we set a new Constitution, the supreme law of the land that all must observe.


Live liberty and pursuit of happiness. I like it.

I often haunt the libertarians forum:

There is a pretty distinct crowd there, mostly conservative paleo-libertarians. What dominates their discussion is a total failure to treat “every person with equal opportunity”. They are much more of the “I’ve got mine and no one else can get theirs” sort.

I think it’s an ongoing failure of libertarians to define in the first line that each person is to be treated equally. This is implied that we own ourselves. It isn’t stated, however. Without a clear statement that no person can judge an individual by another person’s acts, libertarians tend to fall into chasms caused by racial and religious divisions (aka Rand Paul and the Civil Rights Act). If he had just said “I believe each person owns themselves and deserves opportunity based on their personal achievements” he would have been fine.

I’m happy to see this fault in libertarian philosophy is squarely addressed in the first line Icelandic Constitution.

(Jordan) #3

I think it depends. A constitution is something usually adopted by governments, right? I’ve always dreamed that seasteads had no government, and were instead governed by markets.