Connecting the World Through Seasteads: Global Coastal Cycling Network

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Hey guys, Parthasarathi again. You might remember that a couple of months ago (or perhaps some time last year; it’s been so long since I’ve posted on this forum), I posted a thread about the lifestyle of people living on a hypothetical seastead, and since then I’ve been branching out and thinking of new stuff. This is one of those ideas. Recall that a couple of months ago, an Indian couple with their two children made headlines for making a road trip across the world. Since seasteads are meant to colonize the seas, it would be pretty awesome if we could use them to link the world. No, I’m not talking about an entire world of seasteads; rather, I’m talking about a network of seasteads that can be accessed from coastal areas of different parts of the world. And while we’re at it, let’s take a green approach to things. It would be not only impractical, but also highly irresponsible to build roads for cars or other motor vehicles that use fuels such as petrol or diesel on dwellings on the sea, as recent major oil spills have demonstrated. However, for vehicles such as electric rickshaws, or more prudently bicycles, would be perfectly suited for such a network. To demonstrate, here is a map of the world without the seastead network:

And here is a modified map with the seastead network. Please note that individual seasteads have not been drawn to scale, and have, indeed, been drawn enlarged, because this image is very small indeed. Seasteads have been colour-coded. Red seasteads link to the final destination of Japan, green indicates that the final destination is Australia, pink leads to North Korea, orange is a gateway from India to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, dark blue is the lone route from Turkey to Moldova, being a gateway to mainland Europe, cyan leads to Greenland and the Americas (including Puerto Rico and Canada), and yellow is for Australia to New Zealand. Although it would be aesthetically pleasing to any tourist, I haven’t been able to accomodate Antarctica in this map.

Of course, this is, at best, a schematic diagram. There might be additional seasteads, temporary settlements and ports. This map does not take into account factors such as border disputes, existing jurisdictions over international waters, travel time, traffic, or weather. However, this just might reduce the distance between different countries. The only potential problem I see here (leaving aside the factors I mentioned above) is that you would need a visa to visit countries outside of your continent, not to mention a rock-strong determination to complete the cycling journey over any terrain. So what do you think. Is it possible? Feasible? Much love.

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@thecharioteermode - thanks for comming forward with your ideas - i think this content rich post contains a whole series of topics worth investing further - welcome to the flock - spread out what you have in mind - sounds worth to listen at and quality debate about. - Thanks for this great contribution to the seasteading universe. To see what bob is doing check here

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I would really lIke Kathy and Bob Llewellyn’s professional opinion about this though since, last I heard, they were working on seastead projects of their own. Is it possible to tag them here?


Tad OT, but who are Bob and Kathy Llewellyn, such that they are the end-all/be-all of seasteading?

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I do not know if it is possible to tag them or not.

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Super Idea, awesome & for direct trade from land vs shuttling cargo by ships to Seasteads, Awesome.

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They’re not a couple. Bob Llewellyn is @ForexBob and Kathy is @KatOnTri. Last I heard, Bob was working on a seastead project called Marinea, and I also heard similar stuff about Kathy


I talk with Kathy almost daily, through irc. She’s working on her seastead, with the intent to move into the icw as soon as possible. Her plan is to use her place as shop-space, for her own improvements and, potentially, to help build modular parts for additional seasteads. She’s no longer a forum member, but she does lurk, from time to time. Message me your question(s) and I’ll relay them.

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Cool, i remember reading somewhere in the old foruns i guess, something about a seasteading irc channel, is that it?


As far as I know, that one is inactive. She used to monitor it, but it has been silent, for quite some time. With her help, I made my own channel. Right now, there are very few people that know of it. Will see what her opinion on the matter is.

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Pardoner moi, but what’s ‘the icw’? Also, since she’s started doing the actual work on building her seastead, I would like to know how many years it would potentially take. Also, I’m a biotech student. Will a guy with ANY experience with the biosciences be needed in the future? Please relay these questions to her.


No idea how long Kathy has been working on it, but, her goal is to have her platform out in the Intracoastal Waterway, and Gulf of Mexico, in particular, by April, if I remember correctly…

By saying she is building, I mean, cutting, welding, cleaning slag and painting sections, herself. Namely, she is working on the flotation pods, which will hold 6 barrels each, plus a pair of 4 ft., by 2 ft., by 16 ft. box pontoons, as well.

I’ll try to pass this along, but she’ll say you have to make the decision for yourself, on how you want to try to apply your specialty, to the seasteading life, if/when you get there, just like the rest of us…

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I would just like to ask an informational question.
This is not to provoke anyone. And I mean it with respect.

Can you swim?

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Not a professional. Went to swimming camp, yes. Was just starting to get comfortable with the deep end when I had a recurrence of epilepsy (at home).

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I see. I feel sorry about the recurrence of epilepsy.

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It doesn’t bother me as much now. Haven’t had a seizure in two years. I’m pretty sure I’ll be off my meds and living a normal life by next year.

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