Conference Talks - Hervé Bossin, Karina Czapiewska, Bart Roeffen

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Our next talks are all about the science and technology of seasteading— how they will be built, how they will integrate with the environment, and how seasteads could provide a platform for conducting cutting-edge medical research that could save millions of lives– soon. Yes, I am serious. We may have secured a powerful partnership with…

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The mosquito thing was pretty great. Looks like we will be able to get rid of those nasty creatures on the islands using seasteads.

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Yes, the mosquito thing is interesting.

I understand, in California there is an extensive effort of mosquito
control. This includes placing fish in open surface freshwater ponds
and lakes by the Fish and Game Department to get rid of the larvae.
When that is not available, killing the larvae and mosquitoes by
chemical means. And limiting the open surface freshwater ponds.

My experience with that, it works. I do not miss the mosquitoes at all.

The demonstrated biological way works too.
In my opinion, that is great work of science.

(Chad Elwartowski) #4

In Florida they had a whole county department based around mosquito control. It usually consisted of them driving by with their chemical trucks gassing us all.

(Mark Stephan) #5

I just drove by some of that today (in Massachusetts). Luckily I didn’t have the vents open.

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It’s usually vaporized diesel. Physically clogs up spiracles on insects rather than poisoning them. Eventually dissipates as bacteria and physical processes decay it.

Not fun to breathe.