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Hi all,

A few years ago I saw an article on a travel blog about a cruise ship that sold its cabins as condos and it sails the world. Since you own the cabin you get to live on it. I will put links at the bottom of post.

Does anyone think that if the same idea was tried but either on an oil platform like thing in a desirable spot or if someone bought a small private island that was not big enough to house a resort but, instead built the resort around the island on a platform , would it be successful? For the island it would be a way to preserve it and have a resort. For a platform but no island, I think if in a tourist spot it could be viable. Say a sea plane away from like Florida. Tourist draws could be: private location ( i.e. A rich or famous people could be safe from photographers), fishing, diving, water play ( seados etc), and just the uniqueness.

It could be run as a resort, condo complex, or timeshare.

What do people think?

Link travel blog
The ship:

P.S I have no affiliation with either link. Just read them one day.
I hope I’m not writing about something already talked about. I’m new here.


______I’m sure a man-made ‘floating’ tourist destination would still have many visitors even if unconventional, which might actually encourage staying there. As long as there is enough to make it a desired attraction for people. The platform and building would have to meet all safety regulations and storm procedures. Unlike a deluxe cruise it would not be able to move, which limits sight-seeing attractions and ease of access. Might need a small hospital or helicopter pad to fly patients inland in case of emergency. Otherwise I’m sure it would attract tourists or famous people escaping cameras as long as it has the same or more attractions as normal resorts plus the uniqueness of being an ocean floating building.


Thank you for pointing this out. I think MS The World is the best example of a number of things

a) How a seastead can be funded and built - Albeit caution recommended as the original funder of MS The World went bankrupt, even though 10 years later the venture is a success.

b) Making a self-regulated community at sea

c) Defining both construction expense, and ongoing maintenance expence for a successful community at sea. Caution again: The costs are rather high.

It looks like currently The World is near Casablanca and soon to dock in one of my favorite world cities Cadiz, Spain. Also as a side note I just returned home from 11 days on Explorer of the Seas. Lots of heavy seas this trip so I’m still “rocking”…

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Cruise ships are certainly a interesting thing in the context of seasteading (permanent dwellings at sea) ..... but they run with a cost to the user of USD 120 per person / day / a factor 10 off target for housing.… and their technology has a lifespan of 15-20 years (hardly qualifying as permanent real estate at sea)…nevertheless they allow a glimps in a “realistic view” for treatment and practical application of large seabased communities “making very much their own law beyond states without chaos or violence on base of consent of the governed”… Seasteads can be imagined as a blend of an “island resort” and a “cruise ship”… something like this…the meta idea of seasteading comes in many colors and shapes

Check underwater greenhouses… | Beyond the waves |

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120/day is close to San Francisco prices. New 1 bedroom apartments rent upwards of $3000. A month. It is too rent to pay. $50 a day would get a lot of interest from Californians $1300 a month apartments are hard to find, especially near the ocean.

The picture link for seastead settlements is cool. Is it a Google search and do you own any of the images? I want to write a blog post about seasteading but I don’t own any images.

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Where was your trip?

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Hi Cal, that is indeed an image search and some of those are my designs based on Ellmer’s biomemitc engineering concepts. See more pics and
Realize how close within reach it is

That’s pretty much the opportunity for a win-win situation we have in mind

The island might be small, or it might be legally protected from any or too much development, or… the owner would prefer to be a steward for nature and enjoy it from a “yacht” distance (without incurring in the monetary or environmental cost of one).

The island might very small as to prevent immediate construction for immediate practical reasons or it could be seen as the Earth’s landmass, that is the biggest island, one that still might prevent very long term construction for environmental/existential reasons.

Current beach resorts tend to destroy the allure that prompted the investment in the first place - it’s not a good business model.
Floating or underwater resorts would be a very good solution to make money, bring happiness and reverse human impact on fragile and beautiful coastal ecosystems.

Cruise ships are extremely dense and costly options: let’s remember that the 120USD a night pays for a not so nice, definitely small and perhaps interior(windowless) cabin.
The “ship” price for a floating highly mobile 1br SF apartment would be at least 7 times higher, comparable to that of a yacht, or the MS The World (20,000 USD a month)
If we want to make a lifestyle, economic, social, or environmental innovation we need to divorce ocean colonization from traditional ship building and happily sacrifice high speed mobility for stability and volume.

I’d love to see a blog post about it, feel free to contact me for the images and will happily contribute/share.


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