Community at Sea - Drowning Man and Ephemerisle 2016

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There’s lots of room for gathering on the water either in the Portland area (confluence of Columbia and Willamette Rivers) or in Puget Sound. Lots of boats for rent and purchase as well.

Puget Sound has some serious benefits for the small budget seasteader because with the IMMENSE amount of shoreline there is plenty of affordable housing not far from saltwater (not necessarily on the beach, but it doesn’t really need to be) and lots of access. There’s also a pretty robust ship building industry, fishing industry, construction resources, lots of private boaters driving a busy market for marine supply. Lots of self-reliant types as well, outside the bigger cities.

It’s a lot better incubation environment than San Francisco Bay IMO. Nobody can afford to live in SF while investing in projects, for one thing. The area is massively larger, for another. It’s better protected for early stages.

Travel to Sea-Tac (as an international hub airport) is easy and affordable for meet-ups as well.

It’s not as warm as the gulf, the Carribean, or exotic tropical destinations. But it doesn’t take a passport or visa to get here (for Americans). You’re protected by US contract law and practices.

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Here would be a way to add value to such a gathering:

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I have no qualification to diagnose.

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might I suggest, since the majority of people in the group are Americans, a better spot would be 90 W 27 N, same date. The middle of the Atlantic could be a bit rough. If Gooseous stays, I think he’ll find the majority of people are analytics, and one of our problems is analysis paralysis.


They recommend, and they charge, too much for me.


Or if the weather is rough that day: 89 W 29.9 N

What’s a “Gooseous” ?


@gooseus is a member…

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Perhaps there’s another way to look at an ephemeral island, or archipelago
The yachtie community in itself is the most obvious opt out for free humans -

Obvious reasons verified by decades of experience are exaggerated by Dmitri Orlov’s solution for cataclysmic events: acquiring and learning how to maintain a sailboat.

The downside of this solution is less obvious for sailor Joe than for a pregnant woman or the elderly.
Another kind of ephemerisland can be appreciated at megayacht shows where super-optimal real estate floats in zero motion, and docked to a floating concrete pier built on the other side of the sea:

According to the latest released report, Seasteading’s goal is to produce floating islands that would achieve both the sailboat’s seaworthiness with a cruise ship’s land-based real estate feeling, space and infrastructure:

see more pictures

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