Community at Sea - Drowning Man and Ephemerisle 2016

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I just recently found out about Ephemerisle as well. While I’m not certain it was in any way productive towards advancing seasteading as a lifestyle or anything more than a party, it sure would’ve been nice to know about it with enough time to plan for attending. You would think that STI would have promoted it specifically to the people who have been following their efforts for years.

Basically, STI hasn’t done much for seasteading other than some media hype that has turned negative as much as anything. Although it’s still true that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

I think the best bet for someone who is serious about seasteading is to organize local interest groups and local events. Those of us lucky enough to live close to access to the ocean are best able to organize such a thing. @jwliberstead and I still haven’t managed to meet IRL and we live right across town from each other. People get busy- don’t expect fast movement on anything.

In the meantime, if you’re serious about seasteading, you’ll read up on everything you can learn about boats and support systems that enable human life in the ocean for whatever period of time, and probably should do some boating. Dealing with the vagaries of the marine environment at some level is the only way to develop the skills you’ll need to be a seasteader.

Personally, I’ve done an immense amount of reading, thinking, and recently a good bit of boating and unfortunately, some marine repair work on our 27’ Bayliner cabin cruiser. We’ve joined a yacht club that mostly consists of middle class/working class people and have permanent moorage on the Columbia. I’m looking into sailing vessels as well and intend to take sailing lessons. For many years I’ve been following societal trends and developing self-reliance skills: I actually teach a lot of these skills to people now, and I have become a professional expert and certified trainer on emergency management, disaster preparedness and security.

One thing I see about these kinds of festivals and gatherings is a lot of free-loading party-goers are probably not going to advance the cause much. Less-hyped local workshops are more likely to do so. That’s where STI could have been incubating things for a long time now, but I don’t see any evidence of intent to do so. A lot of us would pay a reasonable fee to attend a workshop, it could be self-supporting with the seed money they received.

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Okay. Coordinates are 10°00’00.0"N 32°00’00.0"W. Date is January 1st 2016.

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How is Burning Man an exercise in “radical self reliance”?

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Derek Smart Criticism

Derek Smart pledge refunded due to criticism




That would weed out the uncommitted, i spose. And for a weekend event, you’d need to fly in and out?


Yeah, I get it, you’re the condescending, contrarian, know-it-all semi-troll, right?

It’s cool that you can cherry pick points and use some google-fu to find ammunition to eviscerate egos, I’m sure that’s pretty useful in propping up your own.

I’m curious, though, have you actually put forth anything besides criticism and your own heady, navel-gazing ideas? Perhaps maybe a design for snark powered flotation?

This community seems more futile by the hour. Anyone have anything constructive to add to any conversation around here? If not, I’ll just show myself out.

Don’t worry Jonas, I won’t delete my account before you get a chance to show much more cutting and clever your wit is. Give me your best shot, I’m sure everyone will be high-fiving you as I show myself to the door.


Gooseus, I’ve been saying that for years…

But even a small “get together” (permanent, semi or once a year) will require an organizational effort of some sort, combined with a (quite considerable) money input in order to purchase (at least) a floating structure of some sort (lets say a used houseboat, to start with), the tender(s) to get to it and a monthly maintenance fee to keep the whole gig floating,…

As we can see, the “core” of the Ephemerisle are the sailboats and houseboats being rafted up to form a floating community. We are looking at $1-2 Millions worth of “floating hardware” in the above photo…


Stick around for a while, ok?


Which is why i have said things need to be cheaper.


Also, that’s the guy who said his ideal seastead would be one run by a “philosopher-king/benevolent-dictator”. And guess who that philosopher-king might be? :smile:

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I’m only contrarian when people are wrong.

I don’t care about anyone’s ego. I do like Eggos, though.

Those coordinates were chosen for a specific reason. Anyone can link together a few boats or wooden docks on a riverbank or in a harbor and call it a seastead. It isn’t.

You get a bunch of people living together for a period of time at the coordinates I supplied, showing even a little bit of self-sustainability, and then you can say you are seasteading and I will give you a hearty golf clap.

Yep. I’ve put forward my thoughts many times.

Flotation is for suckers. There is no reason for a seastead to be floating. Before thebastidge yells at me for claiming to be “THE authority on a great many things” I will just say that is my humble opinion, but formed after plenty of research. :smile:

It is futile, because nobody is working on the one question that matters: how to get some level of sovereignty and autonomy. TSI is focused on figuring out which tin-pot dictator to snuggle up with and looking for a fairy dust mine so they can magically make “dynamic geography” a thing. Everyone else is worried about what material to build the hull out of.

Without a path to sovereignty or autonomy, nothing else matters. You are left with a marine business, not a sea-city.

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If I build a sea-city, why shouldn’t I run it the way I want? Are you saying I wouldn’t make a good philosopher-king?


A decent used 26’ sailboat can be bought for around $3-4000 here in Florida (good for 1 person live aboard or 2, really tight) For the purpose of building a floating community (floating docks around boats as public spaces, and some other amenities like community generator, solar panels, waste tanks, etc.) another $2-3000/person might be needed. For around $7k per person it can happen in this format and if DIY. But it will be in protected waters and close to shore.

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Why should he?

I’m pretty sick of people popping onto these forums for the first time, offering up what they think is the greatest idea since H. erectus cut bread with a stone knife, and then…the moment they receive anything except a ticker tape parade in celebration of their genius…putting on a frowny face and complaining loudly that they are taking their toys and going home.

If he wants to explain why he has an issue with a location in the middle of the Atlantic, or why Burning Man is an example of “radical self reliance”, then by all means he should remain. Otherwise, the door is that way…and I won’t lose a wink of sleep.


LOL, no floating seastead “in the right mind” will float out there @ 10N/30W, in the middle of the Atlantic and, worst of all, in the path of every hurricane forming off W Africa.

LOL, Smith,…plenty of research? At the local bar, maybe :slight_smile: As for the sovereignty BS, we won’t do THAT again…But feel free to share any new findings on the subject :wink:


Because some of us would like for him to stick around.

Bunch of folks did that in the old forums, iirc. So what? If it’s really THAT damned bad, you’re welcome to form your own forum. There are even free places to do so.

We’ve been civil in the past, why be hostile now? Sure, he has his own idea. Sure it conflicts with your idea. Doesn’t necessarily invalidate either idea. I disagree with Octavians’ idea, but damned if I didn’t post good information on how to build it.

Maybe we could support each other without worrying about WHOSE idea is tha all-time-best-gotta-have-it and just try to help each other, instead of war, war, war…

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It’s better than the library…the bar tends to have better scotch.

Nothing new unfortunately. A floating seastead will be treated as a vessel and will need to be registered with some nation’s ship registry and comply with all international agreements on maritime safety.

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Who’s being hostile? Not me. I made some comments…pretty docile ones if you ask me… and he threatened to show himself out. I assume because I’m too “contrarian” for his taste.

Doesn’t bother me one way or the other.


I’m sure that’s a 2-way street.

Meanwhile, other than being the birthplace of hurricanes, lack of Fukujima radiation, lack of Deepwater Horizon oil dispersants, and not being the center of a gyre, what makes it a worthwhile spot to choose? Is the fishing good?

I don’t think a floating party is the answer (aka Redneck Yacht Club), but I AM interested in the concept of seasteading as put forth by Patri and in “The Ganymeade Protocol”, rather than some floating condo, as the latest fantasy du jour seems to be.