Communications/Adhoc phone network


Firechat app. Peer-to-Peer, phone to phone adhoc networking, no cellphone service needed. Range, phone to phone up to 200 ft



I have a few frustrations with Firechat - and other mesh-network apps - but they are currently useful and should be explored experientially.

I’m ‘bobdohse’ on Firechat, @JL_Frusha.

What’s your username?


@thebastidge … does your marina community use a mesh-network for anything?

(Larry G) #5

No, our marina doesn’t currently have any techno services at all. We still have to pay at our gas dock by personal check, and our billing is email, but might as well be paper. It’s got a weird 6 week cycle, so the current amount due always seems to show late. Frustrating, but our marina is a non profit membership club, and the people who have the most time to participate in officer positions are retired folks, most of them not very tech savvy.

A few folks either have 4G/LTE gateways on their boat or they have a WiFi gateway & cable to their boat house. We’ve been tethering through our phones because we have good cell coverage for miles and miles in either direction up and down the Columbia and the Willamette both. But I get tired of having to manage phone battery capacity and switching the Roku tether from phone to phone depending on which of us get there first. I’m planning to add a 4G LTE gateway to our boat, direct wired to our 12 V system. I purchased a used gateway but it didn’t work. I’m considering whether to go with anther fleet vehicle class gateway, or just get a cheap AT&T gateway that runs on battery and charged via USB cable.


Truthfully, I’m not certain. I think it is ‘frusha’, but my cellphone is getting an smtp error, now, so I can’t be certain what’s what

(Larry G) #7

I watched the first couple seasons of “The Last Ship”. One of the things they depicted was a Bluetooth text msg network using cell phones. That could work pretty easily, doesn’t even require a SIM card with a smart phone, since most of them will boot without one, unlike older phones that generally won’t even boot without a SIM card inserted, even if the SIM card is not valid on any network.


All of the current smart phones will work via WiFi, even without activation thru a mobile network.

I occasionally buy cheapie smart phones on close-out prices ($10 range) … just because they are useful with apps, assuming that WiFi or Bluetooth is available.