Cities need Freshwater to Grow

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I don’t, I was intrigued how you calculated a percentage. What is the total in that percent?


The “Hidden number” is how much space to allocate per person. I figure 720 square feet of living space per person. 1500 square feet for a couple. I’m counting living space as private apartment space plus an allowance for hallways and public areas. So figure a 1000 square foot apartment for two people will need 500 square feet of stairs and halls and public rooms as “load”.

Anyway, 360 square feet of water generation applied to 720 square feet of living space per person, so about 33.33%.



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Ok that’s a start. A more refined calculation would be rationalizing living space in structural infrastructure + real estate for humans, and solar desalination as structural infrastructure + solar desalination facility.
We can assume if not in surface space, at least in terms of materials solar desalination facility would be a lot lower.
(lighter industrial(including food industry, ex aqua/agriculture) can sprawl for acres, while commercial and residential areas needs to be close together in denser nodes)


Depends how many persons on that trip :smiley: Boaters use an average of 4 to 6 gallons a day when cruising.


For a city size you will need a seawater desalination plant and storage tank(s).

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There is always a “bystanding naysayer” predicting problems of all kind - as a project manager this should not bother you, especially if it is obvious that the bystanding naysayer has no idea what he is talking about because he has never been there and never done that… :relaxed:

Fact with condensation by solar is it works and it can be done, and the data is there and indicate that a city can well be supplied by it having a small number of destillation units of building size which is feasible from a management point of view.

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Mati it is part of the scientific debate approach that you do not jump on info fragments that somebody who is “obviously not an expert” throws in… you assume that “non expert postulated facts” are allways rubbish rather a “unfounded opinion” than a scientific fact…


Building sized ?? Try cabinet sized.

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for a family yes - not for a city water solution…


Then you didn’t read how the prototype put out 5000 gallons per day, at a cost of 5 cents per 1000 gal.

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i consider these figures irrelevant…in the context of a oceanic city. Relevant data need to be collected in a scale model at the actual site of the city in a pilot project - the rest is pretty much “debating nonsense without a fact base” in my universe.


Because they were done by a university, overseen by DARPA, in cooperation with several usa cities, and megabytes of test data was generated?


Why? Do 1000 people on a ship need different water than 1000 people on land?

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i was not aware that DARPA aquired recently expert status on destilation unit building in city size in the Bahamas (are they not the military gadget guys) - if you are willing to asign that expert stautus - i am not - i prefer a pilot project…to get a expert opinion.


I was not aware you acquired expert status on judging DARPA, the University of Mexico, the city of El Paso, and others.

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i see in your universe throwing names is sufficient for expert status - in mine - only sombody who can say “have been there have done that” is a credible expert on project management…but as always everybody is entitled to his opinion…just lets note that “opinions are divided” and move on - this is scientific approach.


Ok, read the papers from those who have been there and done that.


Hey Ellmer, the oceans have salt water in them.

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we already settled that the opinions are divided - any further debate on the point is pointless - what you do now in science is design a experiment that gives an answer who is right and who is wrong - it was Matis entrance hypothesis that this experiment that shows the validity of the destilation approach is done already…

So the smart thing to do at this point is to discuss a project with the board of directors of the Marinea project and come up with a pilot project that can give answers…