Cheap & Lazy Platforms 🧐

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More than one person on this forum had an OCD nirvana episode over the construction of that thing. It looks to me like a DIY engineering nightmare, loaded with thousands of identical parts to assemble by hand, plus it was used as the base of a house, not a breakwater.

If you scale up from a shantyboat’s floatation, or a pontoon boat, floatation gets relatively cheap. You just haveto not run into it, or seriously physically stress it, and there’s many ways to accomplish that. Once you have accomplished that, hang or float concrete things that look like inverted xmas trees at the waterline. Proven to both dampen waves and provide fish habitat.

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I like it:

The cavities between the tanks in the steel truss create turbulence,
and thus the effect of the waves is reduced when they meet the platform.

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I see how that’s better than a large “flat” surface acting as a sail but I think the turbulence underneath the platform would still be substantial. I do think I’ve a good design idea for this but I done with the site for the time being. Nothing good as ever come from me posting here and there’s no leadership, nor any incentive for me to just throw my ideas out on this form. So :fu: until there’s a competition or something. :expressionless:

A Support Base Competition!

Yeah,… About those competitions… The rules are generally excluding those of us that try the hardest to provide realistic solutions.

A bit unnecessarily rude, especially given the forum rules… Might want to edit that…

Jeff Frusha

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That is not so clear to me. There are some good things come from ideas thrown out here.
Of-course, the feelings are valid. I have some ideas, and feelings about it, and
it is a fact that I have feelings, but not everything is a fact the way I perceive it.
Different people have different ways of communications.

It appears to me, that there might be a critical mass of information that makes a project
possible. And there is a critical mass , or number of people to cooperate to make a project

TSI provides a forum in the way of this web communication, and that is all they provide.
The communications here might get out of hand at certain times. To me, profanities seem
to be a limit, and profanities can be written without profane words. Well, whatever.
TSI leadership still provides a service, by operating this web site. Censorship is still here,
but it is much less, than at other sites

The modular building seems to me a good idea. The mold and foam structures seems to be
a good idea too. It is specially a good idea, in my opinion, when small amount of building
material can be made and assembled on water. The reusable mold with synthetic foam seems
to be exactly like that. Small volume of foam producing material can be transported to site,
and it foams up and hardens into large volume of building material. And the mold can be

Alexander, your ideas might not be developed, but the ideas are not far off.
TSI might still benefit from posts, because the content of the posts become their property.
The ideas, or physical things do not become TSI property, but the posts do.

The way I see it is posting ideas is still a way to support TSI.

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It might be an interesting project to place sub-surface mats above each other the way
that there would be a certain distance between the mats, ( about 5 meters, 15 feet).
The lower mats would have increasingly larger surfaces. The mats would have holes
in them to turn waves into turbulence. The wave attenuation would start at the lowest
mat at the farthest distance form the center of the structure, and would continue with
subsequent mats closer and closer to the surface. Each mat would slice a portion of
a wave off from the underwater part of the wave. And at the center of these mats the
wave action might be significantly reduced by gradual attenuation of the waves.
A ring woven mat could be used well for that. Buoyancy of the mats have to be adjusted
to keep the mats in vertical distance from each other.

This would work the best probably in very deep water (Pacific Ocean).
Just another idea, and I am weaving the mats.

Ring wave on!