Can people cruising in sail boats form a government?

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People that cruse often help each other out, there’s kind of a rough code among them, they help out with parts, expertise etc. I wonder if some sort of government could be formed that people with boats could belong to, vote in and benefit from. Kind of a nomad tribe on the sea that stuck together. This would be a crude form of sea steading to get things started. There could even be basic services like medical, education, emergency services and the like.


“The Ganymeade Protocol” - Don Elwell Has some rudimentary description of such a concept. Last time I checked with him, he was still writing the next book, which is to deal with the governmental function in more detail.

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Is ocean colonization and frontier development not about escaping the grip of land states and their “governments” instead of “forming one”… context: | exploring the business of oceanic freedom | subdue to nobody | yacht headquarters | enlightenment values | do we need Kings | New-VENICE™ | New-Atlantis™ | going Galt | Galt’s Gulch is on the oceans | …

…escaping politics in all its forms…(Thiel)

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If you’re an anarchist that’s your goal. I am not an anarchist, I’m more of a classic liberal.

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Hi Paul;

Does classical liberal mean left wing liberal?
I accept your political points of views for yourself.
Let’s see how that is going to work for you.

How are your ideas working for you so far?
I am interested about your opinion.

Sincerely yours;

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Classic liberalism as I understand it has the interests of the individual at it’s core but provides a framework of law to support the individual at least as much as possible. Something like the way a trellis supports the health and growth of a vine. It is a collective as any society is to a degree but it does not solely support the interests of the collective as you see in socialism , communism, fascism etc. It focuses on the bricks , as much as the building. It is the essential framework of western governments and one I feel is being eroded away by collectivist subversion. At my core I have eclecticist leanings I like to borrow form various systems to form something that works. But , classic liberalism is the system I respect most due to it’s enormous success. I will not claim to adhere to it 100%, as I say I do have eclecticist leanings by nature.

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So far, it is acceptable to me.

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i am not an “…ist” of any kind - i just believe “politics as we know it” is rather part of the problem than part of the the solution -

• Spaces of freedom, experimentation, and limited regulation, are necessary, desireable, and can lead to a better world with fast progress …

• For historical reasons the oceans are a government free space of emergent law (very different to land) - and i am interested that this gets not screwed over by anybody forming some kind of government over it…

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My idea is for a sea stead, the ocean is just the ocean. Any laws pertain to those living in what ever nation is built. I believe that a national structure provides the resources people need to survive and thrive. Law and order, commerce, various institutions etc.

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i don´t think floating entities offering permanent dwelling at sea will follow the obsolete role model of the nation state…they will develop completly new forms of come along - classification societies showing the “general model” of how…

context: upcomming / fast changes


People have a bad habit of forming new governments that are worse. Look at the control-freak Home-Owners-Associations… They end up being miniature prisons filled with ‘Animal Farm’ mentality.

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The idea is not to form a new government , it’s to rebuild an old one.

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You know, to make rules about a group of people on the seas, first
you need people on the seas. Are you planning to live on the seas
under the same rules as you propose for others?

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Yes. Go to and you can see a simulation of just such a government. While it’s not entirely ‘accurate’ I’ve tried to run it in accordance with the principals set down in our Constitution which can be read in the ‘Factbook’ link. I’ve always felt and ‘pushed’ the ‘Cruising Sailboat’ idea/ideal from the beginning.