Buy the Pitcairn Islands From British? Probably Cheaper. Safer


You have already exchanged your freedom for your wife, family, friends and utilities. That is my point. . . .

About the Pitcairns, it is a prison because it is severed from the free exchange of goods, ideas and services, trade in other words. Do you really want to subject your kids to that kind of isolation?

SeaSteading to be successful has to offer something of value to the world, it won’t survive if the goal is isolation.

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By freedom, I do not mean fiat or licentiousness. I mean the lack of the threat of violence by authority to deny me my basic freedoms: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of property/happiness. Consult the framers of the original US Government for more details.


Yep you don’t like the government, I agree completely. Change your definition of Freedom to the ‘Rights’ of Life, Liberty, property, etc. and you will better understand.

It is going to take a community to stand up to the State to secure our Rights. Isolating ourselves or asking for freedom is self defeating behavior.

Everyone is a Free as they want to be.

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" and if an angel organizer or compatible group "

I am not so much for “angel organizer” that kind of takes away the self-support idea.

But , may be yes, with the right terms and understanding an "angel organizer"
could be OK.

The Pitcairn island, with the right understanding and support could be OK.
I do not think the Brits would sell the island to a different sovereignty, but I could be wrong.

Immigrants to the Pitcairn might overwhelm the original population, and make it a better
place to live.

I am interested about what is going to happen to that island.


Actually, Oeno Island looks pretty good and it could be developed into a nice ecotourism destination,…


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Technology does allow us a bit more freedom but basic logistic say that those pacific islands are too far away from commerce to be practical. There was a reason that we chose Cay Sal and the Sal bank as our chosen site for Marinea. The islands are too small to live on so are worth very little to the Bahama government. It has a little land that could be used to build water craft on. But most important, it is right between Miami and Cuba. There is a built in market to passing boats. The islands act as wave breakers so you have in essence a large bay to work with and it’s free to begin and purchase later.

Our only hold up is finding a way to communicate with the masses to raise the initial 15 million that we need to get started… My thought to create a symbiotic relationship with the libertarians failed miserably but if we can find a way to get our message out, we can still have all that was asked for in this topic. Not Pitcairn, - Cay Sal islands. In this world, everything is for sale, you just have to make the right offer. Islands are sold all the time and the Bahamas are a lot closer to commerce than the Pacific.



Cay Sal is still there Bob…

It’s just a matter of finding the “right concept” for that location.

Start small, $100K-$200K initial investment, maybe under the umbrella of a Cay Sal marine ecosystems restoration Bahamian Foundation (Larry’s idea). Get permits to operate there. Buy a boat. “Set foot” on a Elbow Cay (lets say). Set up a small marina-convenience store-small seasteads building facility.

Start operating.


Nope, you are missing a viable idea. Why not buy Little Ragged Island just south of Duncan Town? Maxine and her husband effectively control that area and she is very easy to work with. Percy, Phycal and the whole gang there would love to have someone come in and develop Little Ragged Island.

It would be easy as heck to dredge a deep sea harbor there and it could be a commerce center. They have a cell tower on Ragged Island so communications would be easy and cheap.

Incidentally that area is the nicest area in the Bahamas, just saying.


LOL, the’re asking $23 Mil,… Operating in Cay Sal could be free.


Little Ragged Island could be had for 2 million and there is an airstrip, anchorage, mail boat deliveries, etc very close, like 50’ away.

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That’s not a bad second choice but it does not lay between Miami and Cuba, the Sal Bank does. 90 miles out from Miami means easy to reach for tourists and supplies. 40 miles from Cuba gives us cheap labor for restaurants and other businesses like construction. The Sal bank is some distance from the Bahamas more difficult for them to interfere with our projects. Check out my new thread, “A New Hope”, (Star wars episode 4).


The Cay Sal banks lie on the other side of the gulf stream between Miami and Cuba (the old Bahamian Channel) Why would anyone want to stop there going down to Cuba or up from Cuba? I could probably list a dozen reasons to avoid doing exactly that and can’t think of a single good reason to stop there, except for an emergency.

Duncan Town, Little Ragged Island, could have a very large secure harbor and it is only 80 miles from anchorages in Cuba, with a better angle for crossing the Gulf Stream.

Add in Duncan Towns settlement, airstrip, Regular mailboat deliveries, Cellular communications, dozens of beautiful beaches and the best diving and snorkeling in the Bahamas and you have the basis for something that could be an amazing destination.

The Harbor and Marina (after it is dredged and constructed) itself could finance the whole operation. I can think of a dozen other things that could make it tremendously profitable after it is established.

The last time I checked, the asking price was $2M. I was thinking about building a house on it, but I don’t want to be fixed in place anymore.

The best thing though is that the Bahamians Will work with you on everything as long as they benefit too. Put in a Hospital that is free for the Bahamians and they will give you the land. That should give you an idea for financing depending on how Obamacare and Healthcare in the US fares.


Rather than buying, what about Chartering? Technology, especially contemporary and future tech brings in wealth and resources. The remoteness of Pitcairns could act as a test bed for tech that needs to work in isolation e.g. new and improved sat comms, desalination/water treatment, food generation, frontier/expeditionary medicine, ecological studies, power generation etc. Yes its not steading but could act as an anchor/launch point.