Building Sea bowl as Artificial Floataing Island Prototype

(Rudolf (Boschnjak) Bosnjak) #1

See more about this project at


Welcome and good luck. My current project is finding, buying and setting up a place for people to come, build, here in Texas, then have some land-based support. I plan to build my own vessels, as well.

Jeff Frusha

(Matias Volco) #3

Thank you Rudolf that concept looks exactly like an “Ocean Sphere” floating island in the making, so a “Lens Shape”

I particularly like how you present the concept in a dynamic way, the building growing over time towards a more resilient structure and natural shape

(noboxes) #4

How is it resilient?

(Matias Volco) #5

I said increasingly resilient,
care to patiently follow the links provided by the OP, you may be pleasantly surprised

(noboxes) #6

Ok, how is it “more resilient” or “increasingly resilient” or “resilient”?

I did follow some links, i even read several of the pages he spoke of it being a mile diameter, and having a turtle-like back on it.

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