Building an underwater habitat

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Actually, not so much, just one of the most popular. There’s a structure, and please forgive me for not remembering it’s name at the moment, but similar to encompassing a star like a Dyson Shell does, there’s structures that would surround black holes, and even one suggested structure that would encompass an entire galaxy. Once we realize that there’s always something bigger, we realize that we can always build a structure around that bigger thing, so galaxy leads to galactic cluster which leads to the larger and larger cosmic structures.

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Sorry for the delay! I have some underwater contacts in various Med countries, but surely not enough to settle a business there. As soon as there is a potential habitat site I would get into it. Until then I am unable to assist.

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exactly! Any proposals for the criteria?

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Great - some day then when you are ready…:+1:

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Good Luck

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Hi Brendon, I agree. I am also convinced that there will be settlements on the ocean floor and you have to start somewhere. You are on the right way. So, what I am doing is to put the subjects into order and to find a solution for all aspects. I can strongly recommend to structure the ideas; to put one sentence on the table will lead to senseless discussions. Like this we found out that most restrictions and obstacles can be solved by technological progresses of the last years. Feel free to have a look at our results and use them for your project. They are very similar to your plan to start with a small habitat that leads to larger structures. Let me know if you have questions about it.

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I have started my campaign to raise support for this endeavor. I added the link below to the Youtube video i made. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date with what is going on!

promotional video