Building an underwater habitat


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Merry Christmas !!!

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I strongly recommend to have a look at our project page It’s about developing a new generation of undersea habitation. We are always thankful for new inputs.
Have a nice day. Mart.

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It’s nice work for what four people can do. Studies are done for information, and talked about, but nothing is done in the real world.

Your webpage seems to ask for ideas. Let me point out that hurricanes on the continental shelf of usa have shown great disturbances to the bottom, due to long period wave wave action, and the release of the surge water when the eye passes onto land. The NOAA site was once pushed over. Also, i understand NOAA site umbilical to buoy is disconnected for storms (i have no additional info) and the site is abandoned for hurricanes. As you determined with submerged sphere, 50% of space is ballast, driving costs up, but i suggest there is a lot of metal for ballast sitting on the bottom now, called “sunken ships” (i leave the engineering and politics to you).

I admire your desire to not live in the wave zone of the water, but to live on the bottom of the ocean seems as fanciful as living on a dirigible.

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Thank you for your post. Thank you for the link.
Where would this underwater development be located?

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• Sounds interesting maybe we should talk…
• Interested in exploring a serious project ?

Kindest Regards
Wilfried Ellmer

| nautilusmaker | (google me up)

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Sorry I have been absent from this threat, been working with engineers, etc. to start moving on my project. I will begin raising support (financially as well as socially) within the next month it looks.

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you are right, storms are a serious threat. But there are enough places where climate conditions and benthic topography allows a secure mooring. The second step would be temporary autonomy during bad weather conditions (right, like disconnecting the LSB or even pulling it down), evacuation prior to storms and well thought emergency procedures. But you reminded me of writing the draft of a preventive plan and emergency procedure. I’ll put it online soon :slight_smile:

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Well, we had and still have talks with organizations in Malta, Canaries/Spain, Turkey and Cyprus; so in and close to the EU. The Mediterranean seems a good and centered place in terms of generating enough money to keep it running. It’s surrounded by numerous countries with their own underwater research. But we are open to all opportunities. Of course, there are several factors to consider. It is not a cold water facility, at least not yet.

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Hi Wilfried, I googled you up and I guess, we were mailing each other several years ago already. But I forgot what it was all about. Yeah, we are always interested in serious projects. But let me tell you from the beginning that we are far from being financed. Well, funding seems to come closer after we reacted on previous talks demanding lower initial costs. So, we re-designed the plan and reduced the concept of the initial construction. Meaning: we are not offering, but looking for funding.
Nevertheless we keep on developing, we have patience and we are determined to build it in the next couple of years.

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My location is Southern-California, USA. It is somehow a similar climate to the Mediterranean.
But, it is far (long distance away) by European standards.
Malta sounds interesting. The Canaries too. Any plans with the Azores?

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The Azores are surrounded by cool and rough waters. They are very beautiful, but far not as popular as the Canaries which is important in terms of marketing. Both are, of course, not in the Mediterranean, but still in close proximity to Europe. Aquarius Lab at the US coast had serious funding problems in 2012 (?). I do not think, that would have happened if it was located here in the Med. Cyprus and Malta are the areas with the warmest water temperatures. They are very popular and right in the backyard of EU countries, its peripheral countries and Northern Africa including Israel. Missions and commercial applications from any of those countries are easily executable. Again, it came to my mind, that actually I planned to prepare a list of advantages and disadvantages of different destinations. By the way, The vast majority of the results of numerous discussions are published as open-access on our project page.

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…i assumed that after doing my homework and google you up…still open to conversation…our only project in the mediterranean sea is the | ibiza floating clubbing platform | google it up…the investor syndicate are people already invested in the bar and clubbing scene of ibiza. It is a cooperation of several parties (8 main investors).

definitly interested in expanding to Cyprus and Malta - Northern Africa, Israel, maybe....can you assist ?

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Hi, Brendon. I’m wondering about this myself. I have an interest in underwater farming and living, although I am not an engineer.

I’m a Floridian, from Orlando. Living in Colorado right now, but planning a return in short order. I’ve noticed the number of sinkholes appearing throughout the landscape, and with the phosphate mine that was recently swallowed, there’s likely to be more. Not to mention, we have a fairly suspect political climate going on, and it’s unlikely I’d be able to dig a basement or bomb shelter without hitting the water table. Considering that, I wondered if I might be able to build an underwater shelter and whether it might be suitable for living, farming, surviving nuclear blast radius, and most importantly sinkholes. :slightly_smiling_face: I saw the underwater farms listed in the links as I looked around youtube, and the temperature constant makes plenty of sense…

While this subject might have some application in seasteading, maybe I can figure something out for a new set of “sinkhole style” houses. It’s the new southern… just dig a hole and live in it. Maybe someone can fact check my wild imagination.

I am wondering about the dynamic in applying two forms together. Also, wondering if there could be some way to rake in some energy savings. I remember that the Florida aquifer remains a constant 72 F…

The old underground base from Resident Evil comes to mind when I think of how I imagine the house. No one’s gonna answer this now…

Would an inverted pyramid be able to float in 8-12m of water? Would it stabilize a network of cylindrical tunnels encircling the outer square of the pyramid’s top level? (like wheels with spokes connected by central axle tube). How far down could it go and remain pressurized if pyramid weight increases with depth, and if stabilized, could it act as a floating foundation in any regard?

Thanks for the laughs. Moreover, thanks for your time.

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@Chad_Wiginton | chad, In this context you might be interested in the thread about submarine habitats going on here earlier…

also google the terms:

• concrete submarine pressure hull
• concrete submarine yacht
• ocean sphere | yook3™


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It would be advantageous to first start with the criteria, then work down the list of which sites match the positive criteria, and which match the negative.

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Brendon, I’ve got what may be a really basic question for you. What’s the benefit?

What does being underwater get you?

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And how will you power it?

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I apologize for my absence to this thread, I have been extremely busy working to get this endeavor started.

Let me try and answer all questions and dive a little deeper into what I am doing.
I want to say I honestly believe that the Seasteading community and the Underwater Colonization community can work hand in hand with similar technologies and policies. This will be trial and error in some instances.

That being said, and to answer @Nostagar ; the benefit is to take benefit of 73% of the earth that is uninhabited by man. Yes the Seasteading community is doing the same, but we will not contended with hurricanes, ships, or other man made or environmental issues that Seasteaders will have to contend with. Also, there is no way to explore an environment except to immerse yourself in it. Thirdly, it’s just cool. I have other reasons that I would rather not go into at this time, but suffice to say there are billion dollar industries that can be created by being underwater that being on the surface cannot give you.

@noboxes ; powering it will come in multiple different ways depending upon where it is. Obviously the first phase will be powered via umbilical from shore. Later on there is no reason that a larger habitat could not create it’s own power via solar, hydro, geothermal, etc.

@Chad_Wiginton ; You may be on to something, but that is the great thing about the sea…imagination is our only limit. Also, no one is laughing, i think most of us have had our fair share of people laugh at us about our ideas over the years in here.

Currently I have an engineering firm in Texas I am working with to get this going. I have proposals from them to take my ideas and do all blueprints, design changes, and structural tests for me. As I mentioned before I am not finally at a point where I have firm numbers and can start raising support.

Phase 1 will be a “smaller” habitat that will still have to be accessed via SCUBA, but will lay the design framework as far as some technologies that will be implemented in future designs. Although I originally envisioned Phase 1 to be a proof of concept build, I may expand it out to multiple habitats.

Phase 2 will be a full hotel/resort and will not need SCUBA in order to access it

Phase 3, 4 and 5 will be discussed more in depth based upon the success of Phase 1.

My personal goal is to have Phase 1 in the water before the end of 2020.

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@btraxler77 | can you share a bit more about that ? | in december 2017 you said your base idea stems from the ORES sphere…