Building an underwater habitat

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My original concepts were based around the ORES sphere design. I abandoned that many years ago and have gone with a more conventional design style, more along the lines of the Aquarius Undersea Lab.

My designs is a few large cylinders joined together and kept at surface pressure for longer stays without the need to be saturated.

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I’m not trying to be argumentative. I’m trying to understand what unique benefits there would be to building on the ocean floor, because I’m just not seeing it.

If I ask a question, 2 + 2 = ? and you answer 16, wouldn’t you expect me to ask how you got 16? I asked what you get by being on the ocean floor, and you answer with benefits that can be had at the surface, then it’s not really a benefit of being on the ocean floor.

As much as I loved SeaQuest and The Abyss as a kid, I don’t agree that it’s something that NEEDS to happen. Should happen, yes, absolutely, but not need. I will agree whole heartedly that 2/3rd’s of our planet’s natural resources are down there for the exploitation, that there are really good reasons for a lot of things, and I’m open to being convinced otherwise, but at this point, I just don’t see it. If I’m working under false assumptions or incomplete or erroneous data, I desperately want that situation corrected.

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My interest was piqued, but not peaked.

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…ahh… | saturation diving habitat | caission | …nobody who i know, thinks this is an (ocean colonization technology) idea he would want to invest in…our group is rather going down the road of the “ocean sphere” | pressure hulls | advanced cement composite technology |

…saturation diving as a way to ocean colonization was last advocated by Cousteau and since completly dumped…even by the commercial diving industry - which went for 1atm suits, robotics, and remote presence, instead, to get work done in the ocean .

… it is for a good reason…ask Phil Nuytton… he is on the heart of this paradigm shift…how humans access the ocean today. (ORES is not really a caisson - never was…it is a sphere because the hull is taking the hydrostatic pressure in first place ) Aquarius is a sat hab … if you pretend to go down the way of "saturation diving cities" - good luck on that - you lost me on this point for the reasons mentioned...

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COOL!! I am going to pretend to do that too!!

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check | underwater habitat |

Great ! lets embrace plurality and multiple approaches in the movement ! - good luck :+1:

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Just a difference of opinion I guess. People are drawn to different things for different reasons, sometimes when logic isn’t even on their side.

I’m not always convinced an open forum is the best place for some discussions out of respect for other members.

If this is really something you want to discuss in more detail we can do so privately, but really my purpose for being here is to share ideas and find like minded people to bounce ideas off of.

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Maybe I wasn’t clear. My designs and my focus is to avoid all forms of saturation diving and to ultimately keep people at the same atmosphere as that of the surface.

I think we are on the same page that saturation diving and habitats which implement this will not bring on the future of underwater colonies, cities, etc.

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it will burn down to the most basic problem.
| submarine pressure hull |

• How can i deploy the minimum of material to make a maximum of space that is not suitable for human habitation (waterspace) suitable for such habitation.

The simple answer - if you think it trough - is the ocean sphere…

• how to handle hog / sag
• how to handle Draupner impacts
• how to optimize for hydrostatic load
• how to handle stress in the skin and leave the inner space without structural members that limit design options

The simple and clear cut answer - is always the ocean sphere…

just as the Dyson Sphere is the logical endpoint of space colonization -

there are “evolutionary steps” to come to the endpoint…sphere cluster structures, bubble cluster structures, especially when doing surface floating design…go to the @Matias | Matias Volco forum to get the basics…

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When I first started designing and thinking about this 25 years ago I went with spheres due to the benefits in pressure that they offer. The problem with any round object is that there is a lot of wasted space and therefore you have to go larger to make up for all the round areas. I eventually went with cylinders, but even then there are still round walls to contend with.
If you go super deep reverting back to a sphere design may make sense, but for most instances it’s completely unnecessary and doesn’t benefit you any.

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So you would be building approximately a tube designed around WW2 submarine proportions (15ft - 20ft dia, ~200ft pressure tube), push a couple mobile homes into it, push the life support (HVAC, washer/dryer, watermaker, batteries, and cabinets) off into the round space-waster sections, and call it home? How much would this cost?

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here is a preliminary design. Obviously some things will change once engineering gets done with it, but this is the basic “spirit” of it.


Good luck. I hope you can do that safely. Negative pressure, vs the surrounding water, will be a pain to seal and maintain.

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Good luck. Looks good. How deep?
Instead of one big window, would it be better many smaller ones? I donno.

Of my thinking; underwater facilities would be always part of a seastead, in
my case, of a kelp field. anyways, my kelp field is not built yet. I got to go work on it.

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The bigger you get the smaller the “alleged round wall problem” becomes. In a 20m sphere it has disappeard…for all practical means… that is the size of a small shopping center…it is really a no brainer…

Even in a sphere of just 9m diameter living space distributes very nice. (conshelf sphere)

design comes in when thinking about what you put inside the ocean sphere (where the people live) and how…

check Mati´s sketches available all over internet - to get an idea how that works…just google |

matias volco design | ocean sphere

good luck with your own design effort…

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Thanks. Yeah it will, but it has to happen to move forward so better to face it and figure it out now.

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Actually, not so much, just one of the most popular. There’s a structure, and please forgive me for not remembering it’s name at the moment, but similar to encompassing a star like a Dyson Shell does, there’s structures that would surround black holes, and even one suggested structure that would encompass an entire galaxy. Once we realize that there’s always something bigger, we realize that we can always build a structure around that bigger thing, so galaxy leads to galactic cluster which leads to the larger and larger cosmic structures.

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Sorry for the delay! I have some underwater contacts in various Med countries, but surely not enough to settle a business there. As soon as there is a potential habitat site I would get into it. Until then I am unable to assist.

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exactly! Any proposals for the criteria?

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Great - some day then when you are ready…:+1:

| conshelf sphere | ocean sphere | underwater habitat |

Good Luck