Breakwater Design

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If a hurricane is approaching then you will need to take your breakwater with you. Have you looked at wave cancellation technology used for audio systems. I think there might be some insights into water waves. Greenhouses might fit on breakwaters. Could grow hemp products there. Creating fabric on the Seastead could be important. Iew would like a link to hydraulic wave dampeners.


Look up Hexicon images. I’d use their platform premise, of the bow with wave energy conversion, one way or another, but, I think a pentagon, with a pointed bow and a square stern makes more sense. Puts all of the central and aft areas in the slip-stream. I think the wind generation think is a bunch of fluff, myself. Last thing I want os a massive turbine falling apart overhead.

I’d put a dock and main ‘house’ with greenhouse top, aft, with guest cabins on each point, say a pair of adjoining suites, at each of the 3 additional points.

Make it enclose roughly 2 acres, so there’s space to avoid each other, pen enough to make for a private preserve and 50 meters deep to make for a challenging dive destination.

Wave energy converters would make for more power than such a site would need, meaning it could also host, for profit, a combination cellular-repeater and other energy intensive communications relays.

Use a semi-submersible type arrangement for stability and to frame the fencing.

Most of this, and more, is either in this thread, or my B&B concept thread. I’m somewhat OCD about fleshing-out ideas…

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I have been laying out on a page, in words, where on the island places go. If it were on the Pacific between Hawaii and Los Angeles, about 250 miles from California (near shipping lanes) I think on a front facing upwind to the west. Compost and chicken would go on the east (downwind) end. Small apartments would be scattered for individual preference. A lot of solar and construction on the south side. When the form gets a little clearer I will share the idea.


I would prefer to be within the US EZ, possibly within State zone, off the Pac NW, Northern Cali-Southern Oregon, but it’s relatively free of major storm activity (namely hurricanes and typhoons).

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If you are willing to go a little further south, The Fieberling Seamount is one of the places I’ve been looking and and it looks promising. Especially the lack of major storms.

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Google Earth appears to have the depth there at about 2100 ft? The link you included doesn’t list depth.

This would appear to be the same general location:


Just off one of 2 major undersea fault-lines… Thank you, but no… I’ll probably be better off from Crescent City, CA, or North, from there…


Crescent City also known as Tsunami Capital of the US?

For six years I lived about 30 miles north of Crescent city, in Brookings, Oregon. It’s a great town. 70 Degrees in January.

There’s no harbor to speak of in the area. Crescent City harbor is too small for a seastead.

I’d put in a plug for Point Roberts, Washington. Unlike Crescent City, there is plenty of space to moor a city. And the water is sheltered and very flat there. Within a short distance you have two countries, two international airports, and a lot of people who know all about housboats. You might even say they are sleepless.


Must be in Seattle. Do they know the way to San Jose?


Got me, but I haven’t dug up specifics on the VA, either. Love/hate relationship, but I ca’t afford healthcare, on VA Disability, so, I’m kinda stuck, there.

I seriously doubt that there would be a problem, several miles out, either.

Guess it all depends on your definition of Seastead… Going from the basis of homestead, and it being just a few folks on what I want to do, I don’t see a problem…

As I said, I haven’t looked for a specific harbor, but, if my place is at sea permanently, I won’t use a harbor, or, if my place is based off of FLIP, then I need less depth than you are considering feasible, too.

Either way, I need VA access, either tourism, or fish processing facilities, not necessarily both.


Let’s hope they’re not all bleach-blonde airhead Barbie-dolls, like, ya know?


It’s very cold on the water up there,…


Came across a floating structure design from Amsterdam. The platform uses the points of cubes to create turbulence, to mitigate wave action, under the platform. It may also be possible to use standard dock-cubes with extended pins, to create the turbulence and break-up the wave action.

Cheap & Lazy Platforms :face_with_monocle:

I’m not sure how effective those will be, either way.

Interestingly, it looks like they’re arranged in a quasi-fractile, based on pyramids.


Upside-down view of the bottom side, not including the pyramidal corner points…


More on the geometry and the (impressively simple) construction components is at:




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What I like about these diagrams is that they showcase the obvious use of real estate (from storage to residences) inside a floating breakwater

I pointed out in the earlier thread, why not make the city and the breakwater the same thing:

see more

It doesn’t have to be a monolithic breakwater-condo, it can also be a cumulative cluster of smaller breakwaters