Breakthrough New York Times feature opens floodgates to Blue Frontiers

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Congrats Joe, Great job !

Please contact me if you need my assistance.

Looking forward to a prosperous floating future with New Atlantis and New Venice on the horizon.

An ICO is certainly a great tool to convert media presence into startup capital.

If you get those 60M seasteading makes a leap forward.

Well played.

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Just saw this article, as well…

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Congratulations on your success.

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I am specially delighted by this

… the structures will feature living roofs, use local wood, bamboo and coconut fiber, and recycled metal and plastic…

It sounds like your group is considering the use of building methods as suggested in the "Modular Extension | Connectors | Cellular expansion | Building Technology | Advanced Cement Composites " - thread.

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I was glad to read this article. I like all the ideas.

For me the key sentence is:
“The goal is to build about a dozen structures by 2020, including homes, hotels, offices and restaurants, at a cost of about $60 million.”

There is probably enough commitment to provide that fund of $60M.
A dozen structure would make the original idea of “vote with your boat” possible.