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Detect a theme there, Elmo’s Ass.?


The ADMIN deleted a lot of your Elmo’s Ass. “shit” before, @ellmer.

How quickly you (intentionally) forget.

"The Seasteading Institute Discussion Forum

Wil Ellmer … enough is enough

Jul '15
There are limits …

While @ellmer’s posts aren’t technically spam (and so I’m not deleting them), he’s went back through old topics and posted the same images and links that he has been posting in current topics.

Effective immediately, he is suspended for one week.

Jul '15
I was rather pressed for time earlier, but having more time now, even though @ellmer’s post are not technically spam, I reviewed the 14 posts he made in approximately the last day and deleted six of them.
I did not delete every post that had pictures and links. Some of the posts were more-or-less somewhat relevant.

But some of them were irrelevant and even blatantly off-topic.

And some of the posts that I deleted had neither pictures nor links, but were valueless posts on old topics in apparent attempt to see how much activity he could generate."


A nine-meter concrete sub is NOT a “seastead” …

… especially since it sank to the bottom of a lake.

(Matias Volco) #47

Merry Christmas, Festivus and a Prosperous New Year!

Only to the extent of further confirmation of the disruptiveness of the experience you bring to the movement and this masterly crafted specific nutshell of a topic.


Exactly our point!

the disruptiveness he brings to the movement…

As identified, and summarized, repeatedly…

(Wilfried Ellmer) #49

@Matias | I hope this is the year where the Rocha startup comes to life ! Happy New Year !

(Wilfried Ellmer) #50

centralized power is dissolving and becomming obsolete - networks are taking over…


As always, @ellmer inserts links to the phony “investment” schemes by Elmo’s Association of spammers.

Just more crap from Elmo’s Ass.

And where does the Elmo’s Ass. crap lead?

The screenshots don’t lie. :unamused:

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not here here - stay on topic | Breakaway Civilization | technology limits of oceanic construction |


• Project development oceanic business alliance

• Project proposal list

• The 4 fundamental quests of seasteading


Like that sail you added is going to do, from that concrete sub, in Lake Attersee, or the spalling on the hull itself?


That’s just more commercial crap from Elmo’s Ass. … that is repetitively dumped on the TSI comment threads.

It is on-topic to RESPOND to your commercials whenever that crap gets dumped here, @ellmer.

It’s not as if you were never told that you repetively dump the same crap on the TSI threads, @Elmo.


“… over and over and over and over …” :open_mouth:

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Light Shell City

• Opt in opt out citicenship
• Redtaping free openenss
• Fast technology development
• Unrestricted cientific progress
• Base Democartic emergent law
• Oceanic business and culture interchange hub

(Wilfried Ellmer) #57

Hypothesis : One of the key reasons for seasteading is to get to an interference free space where all kind of developments can take place.

United Nations “universal rights” | 12

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference … Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference…

As in the micro cosmos of this thread where it seems to be just impossible to get a “nutcase free space in the backyard of the thread i opened” our planet is crowded by “tortious interferers” of all kind, who turn any new project, any scientific progress, any development intent, into a “interference hell”.

Seasteading offers a way out of this dilemma.

The need to Break away from the tortious interferers who hinder your art and disturb your tranquility may well be the key driver for an oceanic Breakaway Civilization.

Good fences make good Neighbors…is a saying - what could be more comforting than a good stretch of ocean between you and the “next hostile interferer”.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #58

• Hypothesis: Seasteading is in a sense the quest for interference freedom

Oceanic Floating City - Breakaway Civilization | Ocean Sphere | light honeycomb | concrete shell | solving the technology bottleneck of ocean colonization |

Comming to phase 1 investor communication “This, my friend is the beginning of the floating future of mankind”

Floating City Artist @Matias


Hypothesize all you want, if that makes you feel better. Doing stuff makes me feel better, like solving real problems, documenting facts and processes, rather than misappropriation and trying to sell snake-oil.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #60

The most stunning argument for the need of a oceanic Breakaway Civilization may be the story of Russ George and his Salmon Miracle.