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Wrong forum… You CAN (and are quite welcome to have such threads) in your OWN forums, rather than here. THIS forum belongs to TSI and is a public forum, and all threads not specifically in the ‘private messages’ section are open to the public and all members are free to comment.

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…(pointless) arguing…bad for investment… - Joe Quirk

Please respect that this is a Frusha/Dohse free thread started by me for the other 592 forum users to comment .

It is a thread for serious commenting on the thread topic only.

The thread culture guideline on this thread is the scientific debate approach.

It is not a space for working your personal issues.

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Real Estate Paradigm Shift | oceanic business alliance | oceanic real estate | floating real estate |

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LOL - “Wil apparently thinks he is …
(or at least should be) running this forum.”

Well said, Admin. Well said.


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Hypothesis: The new elites that move global business have a special connection to yachts and oceanic trade they are independent of the grounded states and ready for the foundation of New Venice

• Read: The rise of the new global elite

Hypothesis: To get an idea where the future is headed to, you need to follow the money.

• Context: The mega logistics of the oceanic supply chain

• Context: Oceanic Trade - The invisible network that keeps the world running

If you want the topic free of forum umpa lumpa interference (interference break away) please check here

What is here already : global elites | global mobile business headquarters | mobilis in mobili | subdue to nobody | liquid real estate |

What the future brings: …more of it… less ship like - more island and harbor like…

Floating infrastructure | floating ports | floating cities | New Venice | global networks | global mobility |

…more construction activity on the water than on the continents. | get invested in the key technology of sovlving the bottleneck | oceanic business alliance

Business along the axes of the big 5 of ocean colonization

How a new VENICE can be developed from individual units coming together … | ramform design | seastar design | bubble cluster design | light cement composite honeycomb shells | solving the technology bottleneck of seasteading | Design Matias Volco |

light honeycomb concrete shell technology allows to build all urban ambients people are used to on the watersurface in a floating marine cluster…

The need of breakaway…from umpa lumpa talk…

Why our forum umpa lumpa with his multiple Id´s (see below) lowers the value of the threads for everybody - it is about the reader experience and “making seasteading investment worthy” in the eyes of the global elite. ( Who has the funds to make visions a business reality).

First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering a Triumph!
Tuna collapse demands for pasture management not hunter regulation
Investment strategies
Offshore aquaculture | realistic projects | big business | seafood | ocean colonization | ocean ranching | oceanic investment | world food security | oceanic business alliance

Ummm … no … proven fact

… that Elmo spams the comment threads with commercial links in an effort to point suckers (aka, “investors”) to his phony “investment” scheme web pages.


Become a sucker.

Join Elmo’s “club”.

You, too, can “sink” your money into the phony “investment” schemes of the Elmo Association (aka, Elmo’s Ass.).

Just click on the commercial links and it will take you directly to the crap from Elmo’s Ass.


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• In the next 30 years 5 billion people will have to cover their needs from oceanic resources.

• Did you know that Passports only exist since 1914

• Spaces of freedom are necessary for invention and fast development

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Breakaway is an Evolutionary need.

Context: Ask the right questions - solve the bottleneck

Ancient Marine Powers why did they NOT build seasteads to control the oceans and create support bases for their ships in strategic locations ? - can we do it now ?


• There is no way to feasiblility for the seasteading movement if it is not taken seriously by investors. -

• We should not allow the “homeless low roader segment” to take over the debate completly.

• The global elite is key to make it happen so we need those people to come on board. (ref )

• We can not expect much contribution and progress from the low and freerider segment.

The big five business fields of ocean colonization: | oceanic transport | oceanic energy | oceanic real estate | deep sea mining | oceanic aquaculture |

The four fundamental quests of ocean colonization : | The quest for interference freedom | The quest for mobility | The quest for oceanic resources | The quest for space on the planet |

Meta Topics:

Axes of ocean colonization: | Main Axes | Plate Seastead | Floating Real Estate | Catamaran concept | Captain Nemo Concept | Floating Breakwater Concept | Submerged Living Space Bubble Concept |
Concepts: / Lens shell pictures overview / / Ramform floating home pictures / / c-shell floating home pictures / / Floating concrete building methods / / shell cluster pictures / / investor proposal list /


load of garage, already covered and documented elsewhere. Mankind can expand with sustainable methods to I’ve 60 times the current population, without your false narrative.

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Hypothesis: Piracy is absolutly NOT a problem for a seastead-for those who think it is - have fun with the thread over there…

Ask yourself the smart question: How many of the millions of tons of assets shipped over the world oceans are dragged away by pirates ?..

If you are able to find the smart answer you understand the above Hypothesis… and can laugh with me…



concretesubmarines that sink are not good examples of seastead planning …

… regardless of what a nautilusmaker might claim in the phony “investment” scheme web pages …

“… over and over and over and over …”

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Hypothesis: people who behave like mentally troubled should be treated as such…

Do we argue with the mentally troubled on a 7,5 billion planet where anybody is connected and can butt in on a forum ?

Or should we apply a filter ? | butt out request |


Especially those who post the same phony “investment” spam comments “… over and over and over and over …”.


Your own mental faults being overlooked… Mr. Scientific-Approach via Crowd-Appeal with wholly inaccurate representation and zeros documentation, but send WE your money, it Wil be ‘invested’ and earn guaranteed high returns, without stocks, or bonds…

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Context: Business fields of oceanic cities…

Context : Investment worthy technogies and Companies

Pyrolysis | Bio fuel from Algea | oceanic carbon neutral energy networks |

Deep Sea Vent Pyrolysis

Algea Biodiesel | integrated oceanic energy network


Like a bad dream that won’t stop …

“… over and over and over and over…”