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“Wil apparently thinks he is the one who is (or at least should be) running this forum.” :open_mouth:

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… actually the Breakaway Civilization - thread was opened by me…may i friendly ask you to not interfere here…and open a seperate thread for the topics you pretend…

This thread is intended by the thread starter (me) as a space where the other 490 forum users (who are capeable of normal scientific debate) can have word about the topic Breakaway Civilization, without being interrupted by you.

Thanks for not standing in the way of the seasteading movement … and get a hand on your obsessive disorder and multiple personality issues… frusha dohse special

Please do not RESPOND you had enough attention on the Breakaway Civilization thread. - Back on topic | intelligent and on topic posts only please.


Tough turds, @Elmo.

EVERY member has the same opportunity as you to participate in TSI’s comment threads.

If you choose to STOP POSTING COMMERCIAL CRAP from your phony “investment” schemes …

… others will have no COMMERCIAL CRAP to which they might choose to RESPOND.

Pretty simple. Almost any dummy could grasp that logic.

You, @Elmo, are apparently the exception.


Meanwhile, the TSI Admin’s words remain true (and prophetic) …

“… over and over and over and over …”

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Interestingly the tortious interferer is not always the state with its regulatory sistem. Frequently it is a city counsel (Lozman Case) or simply a private person who makes interfering his personal quest. You can not fight it out successfully at the supreme court you need to get a “good stretch of ocean” between you and your interferer … in the sense of “subdue to nobody

Plate Seastead | Floating City | light truss shell |

Frusha, your "[alleged butt in rights](" on all threads i open have been treated sufficiently - i understand that you have "lost perspective" what is "socializing adequatly on a forum" due to your special condition...never mind...

I understand that your condition does not allow you to see the “obviously not normal” of your agressive obsessive behavior…and makes you “non capable to reason about it properly”…

Is seasteading better off now - i doubt it…

Work Hypothesis : Reason is lost complety… | Frusha | Dohse | controlling his conditon - will not happen
debate base is lost. | the pinacle of pointless is reached | the value of the forum is seriously compromized |

no upside to continue this

Hypothesis: Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder anybody here can help ? (on a seperate special attention thread)

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Picture the Ramform | get invested | get started | oceanic business alliance
Galt's Gulch is on the oceans | oceanic business alliance
Oceanic Real estate | global networking hubs | Extraterritorialized | oceanic business alliance
Picture the Ramform | get invested | get started | oceanic business alliance
Picture the Ramform | get invested | get started | oceanic business alliance
Real Estate Paradigm Shift | oceanic business alliance | oceanic real estate | floating real estate |
Galt's Gulch is on the oceans | oceanic business alliance
Real Estate Paradigm Shift | oceanic business alliance | oceanic real estate | floating real estate |

Yes, you need all the help you can get, especially w/respect to your compulsive misrepresentation of facts and supposed existence of various floating structures that are not floating, unless you count the planet they are attached to as floating in space.

You don’t particularly like people treating you to the same degree of ridicule that you have used to run members out of here.

The tables have turned, and it’s your turn to be on the receiving end of truly justifiable condescension.


And, still, the quote from the Admin about @Elmo remains valid …

“Wil apparently thinks he is the one who is (or at least should be) running this forum.” :open_mouth:

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Hypothesis : A certain grade of “Breakaway” and “going Galt” is necessary to open a door for invention and innovation.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #75

The interesting question is :

What is the right dose of breakaway of a seastead.

• Should seasteads work as prepper style, remote oceanic habitats in the middle of the ocean. | When remoteness becomes toxic for any kind of development (example Pitcairn).

• Will a stretch of 300m of water between a Land City and a Seastead suffice to bring up freedom, independence, and a boost in Enlightenment as it did for the historic example of VENICE ?


“… over and over and over and over …”

(Wilfried Ellmer) #77

Breakaway needed…for the Breakaway civilization Thread…going Galt on nonsense talk…

(Theodore M. Amenta) #78

This is my first contribution to your discussion. I start by saying I am enthusiastic and supportive of the Sea-stead mission. My comments here and in the future are focused on feasibility. I define this as physical, financial and market feasiblity. Feasibility is a simultaneous equation where each part is interactive and mutually dependent.

In January I read a N.Y. Times article. Since, I have spend several hundred hours trying to solve the feasibility of Floating Island. I have succeeded. I have shared my work with Seasteading Institute during the 10-week process and now intend to share with you in this forum. I may also reach out to the Facebook page and the press in Polynesia. I am not certain of the correct contemporary protocol.

I find that many of the base assumptions, calculations, materials, images, narrative thus far posted or articulated in the press and on the Seasteading website demonstrate a concept that is not feasible. I spent 300 hours in the past few months to demonstrate this.

I will shortly start share tangible and specific information that a reasonable “Discussion Forum” person can prove or dispute with one hour of due diligence research. I write from the position that I have designed and implemented possibly $10 million in remote resort / mixed-use development over 50-years, around the world. I apply that experience here. I may be proved wrong, so I welcome your input and comment. Some of my built-work can be found at I apologize if sharing this violates forum rules. Ted

(Kim Cowdroy) #79

Welcome to the forum Ted.

Look forward to your commentary.

Probably best to set up a separate thread though (ie “+ New Topic” button).

(Theodore M. Amenta) #80

I know much about the architectural design of places. I do not know what a thread might be — I will read. Ted



Welcome to the forum. Have a good look around, explore this forum and the archived-forum. There have been many concepts that did not make it into the contests.

Please be aware that there are certain people that will, if given the chance, attempt to make personal financial gain off interested people that appear to have resources available. The vast majority of us do not have the means to build these concepts, or actively participate in the TSI project.

Some of us have gone to great lengths to document the feasibility of our proposals, from construction methods, on through various operational aspects.

Once again, welcome.

Jeff Frusha

(.) #82

Hello Ted;

Welcome, and thank you for your contribution…
I would like to read the specific information you would share.
Here, on the forum is good, and if you decide to post it somewhere else too,
I would appreciate to know where.



(Theodore M. Amenta) #83

Thank you spark. It was recommended to me that I open new “thread”(?). I did: Landuber’s Guide to Seasteading Feasibility and did a first posting. I am new to the process. If this is not correct please redirect.

(Theodore M. Amenta) #84

Thank you for the welcome. I was encourage to start a new thread. I did a first posting today on Landluber’s Guide to Seasteading Feasibility. If I violated any protocol or can be more effective by connecting to others please give me some direction. i have huge amount of narrative, drawings and financial analysis I hope to progressively post. Regrds, Ted

(Theodore M. Amenta) #85

As you suggested I started a new “thread” — Landluber’s Guide to Seasteading Feasibility. I did a simple first posting and will shortly follow with content describing the actual topic of financial feasibility. I appreciate any coaching you kmght offer at least until i get my “sea legs.” – Should I and is there a way to tie back to your now “thread” if this is the correct description of your ---- “site(?)” ---- I started with you as “business.” Thank you Ted