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It’s not as if this is a new problem for @ellmer. :worried:

Elmo typically calls other people’s complains “nonsense”

… but it’s the Elmo’s Ass. nonsense that the Admins have cited. Not anyone else, but ONLY THE ELMO’S ASS. posts.

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The topic of nonsense, trolls and nutcasery, has been treated sufficiently earlier…@BobDohse | @JL_Frusha | troll issue | find answer here… | social concepts explained (again) for the conceptually challanged…it is about reader experience …and progress…for the seasteading movement. | context: forum dynamics ref.876 | make it investment worthy |

aehm…i am supposed to dignify the nonsense cascade below with some kind of reaction ? - probably not - seasteading is about / opt in / opt out / i (obviously) opt out…

Somebody who is cleaning the forums - can you pls clean the shit for the benefit of the movement ? - wading in shit to get a few pieces of value info is not a pleasent reader experience....what is a pitty because after all this is the closest thing to a "central communication platform" the ocean colonization movement has at the moment.
Those "intense nutcasers" are a threat to this position earned in a decade of hard media work - so at some point they need to be cut back to some extent...somehow...i suppose.

context: frusha | dohse | Hypothesis: … right to butt in on any thread that is opened by anybody on any topic even if he is politley asked to “not butt in” by the thread starter… | read more here

context: Your right ends where other peoples rights (to have a frusha free space) begin…

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@ellmer You can blow it out your orifices until your eyes bleed. I suggested you PAY to place REAL advertising in this forum. I COULD, but have the decency to NOT SPAM this forum with ads for my own forum. It is called common courtesy, and respect for others, neither of which is a trait you possess.

I call you out on your bogus claims for the infinite strength of 4 inches of concrete, as a basis for impossible structures, that are supposed to withstand extreme depths and pressures, not because they are ludicrous, but because some damned fool will believe you and die, rather than have a properly engineered structure.

I call you out on your bogus calls for ‘Scientific Debate’, where, once confronted with facts, real science and engineering, you immediately call for opinions.

I call you out for making fun of PROVEN science, backed by NASA, and belittling my own desire to replicate that at smaller scale.

I SPECIFICALLY asked what publicly traded stocks and bonds you were offering, for your claimed returns for investments.

I REPEATEDLY give you credit for the one accomplishment of a successful ferrocement submarine, decry the loss of it, and bemoan the political climate that killed the second before it could be trialed and proven.

The FEW times you have asked for further reference from me, I was as prompt as circumstances allowed.

I call you out for the blatant PUBLIC ABUSE and HARASSMENT that has chased members out of this forum, despite the FACT that some of them, at least, ARE BUILDING and experimenting.

EVERY SINGLE CONCEPT I have posted is based on PROVEN and DOCUMENTED Technology. I give DUE CREDIT to the creators of the designs I intend to borrow from.

I call you out for LYING about achievements, and posting LIES about supposed achievements that YOU have NO CONNECTION to, such as floating shopping centers, and ‘floating sea-bases’ that are gravity structures, for OIL and GAS RIGS.

I do my VERY BEST to warn ANYONE and EVERYONE of your attempt to steal my ideas, denigrate and belittle ME, for documenting an entire potential design, complete with engineering to back the design, and methods for construction, along with documented potential applications, in a supposed investment forum, supposedly open to view by these non-existent investors, then demanding money to ‘introduce’ my supposedly already viewable idea to these non-existent investors, THEN having to get both Joe and Randy to formally request you to remove my membership, which was LOCKED, to prevent my doing so, to artificially boost your enrollment numbers.

I call you out for STEALING concepts and ideas, posting them as your own, then belittling others for doing so while crediting the originators, simply because SOME of us are NOT planning to become commercial entities, while your personal greed is all you care about.

EXAMPLE: I have CONTINUALLY given DUE CREDIT to Roar Ramde and the design and engineering team of Wally Yachts, and others, along with following the ENTIRE design parameters, as laid out in the PATENTS, yet you dare call ME a thief, when I have communicated with such engineers, operators, marine engineers and marine architects that were actually involved, and responded, such as Mauro Sculli, of Wally Yachts, Bruce Roberts, Oivinde Ramde, Yi Rongfeng, Robin Tomren, Ove Sporsheim, and Charlie Baker.

@ellmer YOU are a FRAUD.

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I wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Indeed it has.

Several times. :open_mouth:





Detect a theme there, Elmo’s Ass.?


The ADMIN deleted a lot of your Elmo’s Ass. “shit” before, @ellmer.

How quickly you (intentionally) forget.

"The Seasteading Institute Discussion Forum

Wil Ellmer … enough is enough

Jul '15
There are limits …

While @ellmer’s posts aren’t technically spam (and so I’m not deleting them), he’s went back through old topics and posted the same images and links that he has been posting in current topics.

Effective immediately, he is suspended for one week.

Jul '15
I was rather pressed for time earlier, but having more time now, even though @ellmer’s post are not technically spam, I reviewed the 14 posts he made in approximately the last day and deleted six of them.
I did not delete every post that had pictures and links. Some of the posts were more-or-less somewhat relevant.

But some of them were irrelevant and even blatantly off-topic.

And some of the posts that I deleted had neither pictures nor links, but were valueless posts on old topics in apparent attempt to see how much activity he could generate."


A nine-meter concrete sub is NOT a “seastead” …

… especially since it sank to the bottom of a lake.

(Matias Volco) #47

Merry Christmas, Festivus and a Prosperous New Year!

Only to the extent of further confirmation of the disruptiveness of the experience you bring to the movement and this masterly crafted specific nutshell of a topic.


Exactly our point!

the disruptiveness he brings to the movement…

As identified, and summarized, repeatedly…

(Wilfried Ellmer) #49

@Matias | I hope this is the year where the Rocha startup comes to life ! Happy New Year !

(Wilfried Ellmer) #50

centralized power is dissolving and becomming obsolete - networks are taking over…


As always, @ellmer inserts links to the phony “investment” schemes by Elmo’s Association of spammers.

Just more crap from Elmo’s Ass.

And where does the Elmo’s Ass. crap lead?

The screenshots don’t lie. :unamused:

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not here here - stay on topic | Breakaway Civilization | technology limits of oceanic construction |


• Project development oceanic business alliance

• Project proposal list

• The 4 fundamental quests of seasteading


Like that sail you added is going to do, from that concrete sub, in Lake Attersee, or the spalling on the hull itself?


That’s just more commercial crap from Elmo’s Ass. … that is repetitively dumped on the TSI comment threads.

It is on-topic to RESPOND to your commercials whenever that crap gets dumped here, @ellmer.

It’s not as if you were never told that you repetively dump the same crap on the TSI threads, @Elmo.