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Hello everyone. Talking online is great, but as we know the US of A was conceived over pints of beer. This creative process is tried and true for many individuals pursuing difficult ventures.


Many a ferrocement hull was plasterd in a day, followed by a beer-bash. Sorry, I’m in Texas and not planning any trips to the East Coast, in the forseeable future. Lord willing, I’ll be able to get started on my idea, later this year.

Considering going back to school, to gain certifications, but no idea who would have a Marine Architecture and Engineering for Ferrocement, much less here in Texas…

Jeff Frusha

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I highly recommend NOT going back to school, unless of course you’re sitting on piles of cash, but if that were the case you’d be replying from your seastead :wink:

I saved up some money to go to school 3 years back, but then did the math. Thousands of dollars, just for a chance, and in this economy, ick. So I said screw it, I’ll invest in myself. So bought a bunch of tools I had no idea how to use. But then happened to go into what I thought was a decent job for 2 years working 60+ hours a week. Quit, cause they were scum (like messing with kids with cancer scum). Anyways, it’s taken a while, and some down times, but I’m starting to see a business in my future designing and making things; small CNC metal work.


I’m a Disabled Veteran. I got incentives to go back, just not sure I have the ‘want-to’. Easier to work with the books, texts, and documentation I’ve already got access to, than to argue and fight my way through school with a bunch of kids that think they know it all.

Jeff Frusha

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