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Some members have lamented the lack of a seasteading library. Here’s an alternative that might be useful for some circumstances …

Bookcrossing was developed to track the migration of books from reader to reader. It’s like ‘Where is George’, but for books instead of dollar bills.

But, with a subtle twist on how it’s used, Bookcrossing can function as a lending library or as a locator for who has a copy of a particular reference book.

@thebastidge … this might work for you.

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Thanks, but I’m more interested in the knowledge in a book than where it has been or who it goes to when I am done. I am willing to share my personal library with local folks who commit to returning them.

I have collected a number of boat building and marine construction books, as well as a number of other titles related in some way.

I’m reading this one right now.

Here are a few others I’ve collected:

 (I bought the Ferrocement boat building book, but not the construction methods book yet.)

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Of course anyone feeling generous should feel free to purchase any of these for me.

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Concrete Afloat has some really good discussion. It was written in 1977 but has some benefit in being closer in time to the WWI and WWII concrete building scene, as well as some perspective on the beginnings of the North Sea concrete construction efforts. I’m reading it now- it’s organized as a series of papers. The one on the evolution of class certification for concrete ships and concrete platforms has some really good basic info on how to judge risk for hull-shape and rectangular platforms both.


Or they could register their books in Bookcrossing, and then you could find them in a search and possibly arrange to borrow a reference book (and save money).

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Not really. Shipping costs as much as the cheaper books. Double the cost to ship it back and I might as well build my own library. I like to keep books.


You are ignoring the potential of someone asking you for technical advice based upon their knowledge that you possess an expensive book.

Bookcrossing is merely a network that allows the capability for someone to navigate between nodes.


Then there is always “Inter-Library Loans”, as well…

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