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Hi, I am currently opening a Boat Club & Rental business and Can not think of a catchy tagline. Anyone with a creative, witty mind have any good ideas? It is going to be for Boats used on a Lake in MN that is connected to the Mississippi.

Thank you for any input!!

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Sounds good. Open to the Mississippi. Good luck!
I am interested about your opinion. Thank you for the post.


Hi and welcome.

What is the name of the club and rental? What boats?

Breitenfield Marine Rentals -
From the Lakes of Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico…


Are you willing to pay a consultation fee? Or, you just want free professional advice for your personal business? Since obviously so :blush: , “Budget Boat Rentals”. And be 20% cheaper then ANY boat rental in 100 mile range. You might have a chance of making it,…

How is this related to seasteading??

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Hull lot of fun?

Hull lot of love.

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Marts Barts


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How is the boat rental business going?