Blue Frontiers: An Independent For-Profit Seasteading Venture

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Please be sure not to confuse the roles of The Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers. Blue Frontiers is an independent company, distinct from The Seasteading Institute. The Seasteading Institute is a small nonprofit promoting the idea of seasteading around the globe. Blue Frontiers is a startup company that will build the first seastead in the…

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@joequirk | Caribbean Project | Joe, would you be open to a more “multipole approach” to seasteading ?

So that the Movement does not depend that much on a single “institute” and a single “startup company”.

Can we have the movement more multifaceted and cluster style, and let it happen in many parts of the world simultaneously ? |

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Are you saying “the movement” depends on any one institute or start up company now ? What institute or start up company is that???

That is what happens now. Anyone setting out must bootstrap their full operation alone with no help, no shared resources, no organisation, no institute of learning, and no start up company. There’s chaos and confusion, no cooperation, and most instruction is “buy a big boat and move it from marina to marina, from gas station to gas station”.

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I see. Well, I think a SSB it’s a good idea. Where you here when we were talking about the Seasteading Outpost Belize (SOBIZ), years ago? Kinda of the same thing,…

Now you are talking way, way too big,… That’s $ millions,… The beauty of SOBIZ was that it was cheap and doable. $90k for 2 acres on Alligator Caye 100 yards from the reef.

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Blue Frontiers Global is such an effort trying to help coordinate seasteading activity around the globe (no disrespect intended to the flat/cube/pyramid earthers).

I believe they are working on making it easier for everyone to coordinate activities.

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I think, it is about Varyon:
Varyon was released. People talked about Varyon. TSI had to release a disclaimer about Varyon.

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Seasteading Belize
Seasteading Rincon

can still be found on Google…