Blockchain Value Exchange System

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First, I would think about not so much of a monetary system with equivalence to any currency,
just as an insider recognition ( Seasteader Sand Dollar).

Pick your own at the beach.

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And anybody can use whatever they want, just like in real life, because it is real life.

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Anything that could take down Bitcoin would much more easily take out all of the bank databases in the world which hold much more money than the Bitcoin network.

Governments are working hard at making that $5 in your wallet illegal. India just made any denomination above 1000 rupees illegal, Europe is working on making the 500 euro illegal.

Estonia got rid of cash.

Governments want to get rid of cash so that they can print cash faster and faster with a simple mouse click.

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If you’re thinking of creating an alt coin there are as many alt coins out there as there are opinions about money. And more created every day. You would have an easier time creating a new Facebook fixing some of Facebook’s flaws.

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Hey, how about



I am working on creating a new government. A new currency would be nice to have, though not necessary. If someone wants to build it , it could be mutually beneficial.

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The “new government” would be new , compared to what government?
What kind of governmental systems have you lived in so far?
Who (whom) would this “new government” govern?


The Empire of the Sea will have dominion and jurisdiction over the oceans and seas.

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The Empire of the Sea will have dominion and jurisdiction over the oceans and seas.



Because a monarchy with the support of people using the sea makes more sense than a combination of committees of land governments, anarchy, and communism.

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The Blockchain Value Exchange System topic is not about monarchy for me.
I do not want to have a monarchy, nor want to live in one.
It would be voluntarily participation through maintaining an order of natural peace.
For me it is “world peace through inner peace” . I am working on it.
(Sometimes I wonder if peace is natural.)

Though, if you think monarchy is a good idea, you can start a topic of monarchy,
and see how many people you can get there.

Good luck to you, and good luck to me.


Not gonna happen. Existing nations have a vested interest in their boundaries. You’ll be lucky to fill a doughnut-hole of International waters, and even then, you’d better be ready to fight for it…

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Yeah, I don’t believe that for a minute. If “the grid” (meaning oh-so-much more than the power grid) goes down, currency fails in a fairly predictable order: checks, credit cards, debit cards, and then paper money over a VERY short period of time. Read up on Argentina’s economic collapse circa 2001. Nobody would take plastic of any kind, because of limits on bank withdrawals. Even for businesses. So if you take in digits, and can’t spend them to replenish stock, you are no longer a business. It was cash, preferably foreign cash, and gold or silver that ruled the day. People started keeping scales and cutters to snip off links of 24k gold chains for payment.

Bullion and specie maintains value and increases in fluidity even during a big emergency. Paper currency gets sneered at.

And so every single transaction can be tracked electronically. Just as FDR outlawed possession of gold coins or indeed any gold bullion other than what is contained in wearable jewelry, to prevent people from avoiding government manipulation of the currency and economy. If he’d had the technological ability to outlaw cash transactions like we do now, you can bet your ass he would’ve tried.


For me, blockchain currencies are about a stable money supply that does not depend on banks or other intermediaries. However, bitcoin and most (maybe all) altcoins were not designed with the legal requirements of commerce (especially maritime commerce) in mind. Designing a currency and court system concurrently would be useful. Let me know if you change your mind.


Your view is the safer bet, but the important vested interests–including some nation-states–recognize that there are major problems in current ocean governance. It’s not uncommon for such problems to be solved by the creation of an executive position.

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Yes, designing a currency would be useful.
Monarchy and court system would not be useful.

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Theoretically number of bitcoins can be changed, so your point is not entirely valid. Another important thing you need to consider that unless something is physical, in limited supply, and necessary for some part of economy it can lose value at any time. Someone may come up with bitcoin replacement, which will make bitcoin worthless. Quantum computing could make mining bitcoins too hard by increasing mining difficulty. Entities with quantum computes could take over 51% of bitcoin and basically have a monopoly and total control over bitcoin. There are many other ways that bitcoin can simply become irrelevant, so claiming that it will never lose value is weird.

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Just as they can make that $5 illegal, they can make bitcoin illegal.


It’s impossible to execute against, attach, or garnish Bitcoin or any of the alt coins that I am aware of. That means a bitcoin holder is judgment proof as to those assets. This is a bad thing for those who participate in legitimate commerce, and it will prevent Bitcoin from becoming a mainstream currency. A currency that’s immune from the courts is a weak currency

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A weak currency would be fine.
Let the market drive itself without judgment.
Let individuals enforce the market through non-participation.
I do not want to participate in courts, monarchy and enforcement.