BBC Launches "Newtopias": Seasteading Most-Watched Video Short!

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This 3-minute seasteading video, which sums up technologies described by aquapreneurs in the book, is still the most-viewed on BBC’s “Newtopias”. Please share this with friends and colleagues. Does humanity’s future lie out at sea? The second-most watched is “What Would Life Be Like Without a State?” This is the state-subsidized BBC funded primarily by a television…

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@joequirk | any news on the varyon launch ? - Presale is life for a while - so you should have some feedback on investor interest by now… (you can answer this in private if you don´t want to do it in public)…

• How is all this “media attention” priced in by the investor community ?
• Are you having a successfull phase 1 investor conversation ?