Basalt Rhyolite construction? 3d printing your own island


However… Certain additives may act as a flux, to lower the melting point sufficiently to make Basalt Glass at a lower temperature, possibly making the solar-sintering feasible for glass. directly from pre-mixed ingredients, rather than melting and maintaining a volume of liquid. It would be less uniform and might not have desirable properties, but it would have to be investigated, preferably with consultation of a scientist knowledgeable in glass formulation.

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I accidentally “liked” Octavian s post trying to play the sound clip…


The MP4 wouldn’t play, but I really doubt whatever it was, that it was something that contributes to the cause of seasteading, so I deleted your post.

As those of you who have been around for a while know, there is no user moderator. So it really, really annoys me when I have to take any kind of action against a regular forum participant. :rage:


That alone tells us octavian wants no women on seasteads, only males will be allowed.



Which part of “stop posting while on medication or high on drugs,…” was hard to grasp?

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And in another post he explained the little to no need for laundry so one can only imagine the millieu


Where did you get that dude?

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Just the contrary. Lots of women .

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probably the freshwater thread

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