Are the Ramform and Lens style Sketchup plans available?

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If I wanted to build upon the Ramform and Lens style (combining them)… are the Sketchup or other 3D model plans available for download somewhere?

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Depends what your plans for using them are…please contact me | in general what is on internet is considered more or less “public domain”. | although some still pretend to have it different … even in a post internet world :slight_smile:


Matias Volco Design | oceanic business alliance | directional bow design | why oceanic structures below 400m need a bow and a turrett mooring |

Ocean colonization is about transition of what is here today to what will be here tomorrow.

lens design | bubble cluster design | ramform design | train configuration | light floating honeycomb cement composite shell building | oceanic business alliance |

The need to filter communications on a 7,5 billion interconnected planet. | interference freedom a core principle and driver of the seasteading movement | there is always a guy obsessed with interfering in what you do… | seasteading is the way out of that situation | The UN right to no interference | butt out request |

Trane, let´s continue the conversation in “interference free space”…


The so-called Lens style, possibly, Ramform, no.

Beware of Will Ellmer’s websites. He had to be asked by Randolph and Joe of TSI, to close my profile, after I was attempting to quit, once he demanded money to introduce my work to ‘investors’ that were supposedly already capable of seeing what was being posted. Part of that was to artificially inflate membership numbers.

I’ve done all of my work using images off the internet, and my Ramform concept conforms to the patents.

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Sent you a PM,
you can figure out the many possibilities and combinations by surfing the material

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I have just managed to load up two designs based on a lens hull, into Sketchup Extension Warehouse.

These can be found by searching in Sketchup under “seastead”.

They are called lenserstad and podnastead.

They are much bigger than I am currently considering. Not sure if this is what you were after but you may be able to pick something of value off them.

Not aware of any Ramform models in Sketchup. Nothing is showing.


@Matias - your link ultimately sends readers to more crap from the phony Elmo’s Ass. “investment” schemes.

Are you also an “investor”?

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Except for the C-Shells, those are all spar designs in the warehouse, they use draft for buoyancy and stability. Lens and Ramform have in common that they distribute forces horizontally- since they don’t need to fit in a drydock or take shelter in a harbour.

@Trane_DePriest you can build upon, re scale, this simple triangular shape, and specially fill the inner lagoon, with your vision. To see what all the many different possibilities have in common you can look at the photo examples on the many many links.

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Sh-sells C-shell down by the C-shore.


Except that it is not a Ramform, won’t behave like one, or anything. THAT, is just a triangular flat bottomed barge with no streamlined water flow efficiency for movement, or using the currents for directional orientation, weathervaning with changes in currents. However, a Ramform can, and at least one has been retrofitted and moored as an FPSO (Fixed Pumping Storage and Offloading) unit.

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Thank you all for making me feel welcome and included. I’m still conducting my research, taking in as much as I can about the patterns and configurations you’ve all provided. My concept is nothing new I’m sure, but as I mentioned, as a VR developer, I’d like to “get a feel” for how a Ramform style vessel might fit the needs of a community. I had this vision of 6 ramforms uniting like pie-wedges to form a single Lens type platform, with each one being entirely self-sustaining, and also offering unique services and functions to be utilized by the other 5 connected vessels. I’m sure it’s been done, I’m just itching to render it.

It’ll be a while before I post something material of this idea, I want to make sure to include as many existing design ideas as I can. … I have a lot to learn…

This may be a separate thread, so please point me to it if it does exist, but has anyone seen the APIS CORE printer, and thought “How do we get our hands on one of those?” I think there’s a small amount of redesign to get it spewing geoconcrete or what ever… but it’s armature seems ideal for our purposes!


The Ramform has a bulbous bow that projects underwater and forward past the point of the upper deck, which I attempt to approximate with the outline, based off the originally proposed Wally Hermes Yacht WHY conceptual plan. Turning the bows into the center might not be a good idea, given the low transom becoming exposed to incoming waves. It is designed to point into the waves and current. In a calm, protected environment, it might be possible, but I can’t imagine it being a viable solution, otherwise.

Based on dominant current, wind and wave conditions, I would expect formations more like geese in flight… Vs and diamonds, rather than a circle of wedges.

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Build on is the correct term since Ramform Base is meant to grow from the bow until it resembles but a breakwater city.

Like a seastar?
Absolutely, once a structure becomes so big (half a mile) the need for a bow directed against the waves becomes less and less important. I’d say you go ahead with that.

Drones and nanotech are extremely important, and like biotech, will require easy, safe, contained “warehouses” for experimentation and trial: interference free space.
Experimental 3d printing, and in general code-free building could be tried inside the domes.


The trouble with the star formation is that surface wave energy tends to rotate the ‘V’ toward the wave, not the point toward the wave.

The consequence is that the surface waves will then push the entire platform more than any other design.

Surface wave energy cannot be dissipated by vertical structures rising up out of the sea … unless an artificial (generated) force is created to oppose the incoming surface waves.

Only a horizontal mechanism - such as a floating farm or mangrove forest, using ‘gravity’ as the oppositional force to the surface wave’s ‘lift’ - can dissipate surface wave energy without utilizing either tethering or some form of an engine to maintain positioning of the seastead.

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Indeed, the star shape seems inevitably to concentrate wave force into the ‘crotch’ of whichever pair of legs is facing the current and wind.


Exactly (… to 20 characters)


One misleading issue is that there are only about a dozen Ramform vessels, period. All of which are owned and operated by PGS. Despite all the talk, @ellmer does not and has not been promoting Ramform designs. He has merely misappropriated the term, as a buzzword. @Matias designs are inspired art, and, given proper structures, may even have some future potential.

My own Ramform concepts have consistently been based off the few design attempts at privatised versions of the Ramform design, conforming to the known design parameters.

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Jeff, I understand your zeal in pursuing proper attribution and terminology. But this thread is a new forum member asking for assistance in developing a concept. Specifically, he’s asking for assistance with 3D templates that he can further develop. I think that this is within scope of public domain and fair use.

Ranting about @ellmer and his abuse of the terminology isn’t helpful in this context. It just appears to a new member like we would all rather argue than work collaboratively. I know this is not true. Your posts clarifying unique and specific characteristics of the ramform patented design on the other hand is very topical and useful.

I know I would rather focus on the positive, assisting new members to develop concepts rather than making yet another thread “all about Ellmer”.


Telling the truth isn’t ranting. There are major differences between what Ellmer calls a Ramform and the patented, proven, real thing. I’m just pointing that out to reduce existing confusion and help prevent further confusion.

I’ve been positive about the whole thing. I’m positive Ellmer isn’t showing Ramform in any shape form or fashion. I’m positive I have based my work on drawings that conform to the patents, in order to BE called Ramform. I’m positive Matias does nice art that may have potential, but it’s still not a Ramform. I’m positive I have used many of the most current available Ramform concepts in an effort to keep my concepts FOR Ramform vessels within the patent descriptions and known operating parameters.

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