Are Seasteads Feasible? or a "Build It and they will come." Field of Dreams?

(Theodore M. Amenta) #1

Permit me to introduce a method (Gravity Model) to answer this question. I will focus on two seasteads in pre-development planning: — BlueHorizons (TSI) in Polynesia and Marinea Project in Bahamas. The two projects are similar in size, scale and program: 1 plus acre of platform; 30 residents plus amenities. Both provide no market analysis and o financial feasibility. I will provide both. Polynesia provides a budget of $30 million and Bahamas proves a budget of $15 million — a bit odd 100% difference for a potential investor.

I am providing a “prototype” design. No design or explicit program has been posted for Polynesia. So my program is based on the published information of the two seasteads — 30 residents with jobs; supporting retail, dinging, finiteness, uses – and self supporting energy, fresh wear and sanitation ---- IMPORTANT! Assume the sea stead in this analysis is identical — It may not be the one I have illustrated — but since TSI says it is mobile — assume it is exactly the same relocated. So I will now do a feasibility analysis — based on location. Which is the better location? Bahamas or Polynesia — assuming the same capital investment ---- More to follow

(Matias Volco) #2

Reminds me of "How Remote is too Remote? "
I like to compare Field of Dreams with the real history of Disney Resorts. Disneyland in Anaheim catered to an existing, growing market of L.A. sprawling suburbs. Disney World in Florida - a destination location, could only have been possible after Disneyland (and NASA at Merritt Island!)

Gravity in the Caribbean

(Theodore M. Amenta) #3

Polynesia or Cay Sal Bahamas —Imagine you live a 30-minute drive from two movie theaters, one to the west and to the east. Both are showing a film you are eager to see — “Seasteading the Movie.” The cost of the ticket and the popcorn is the same. Probability theory suggests you will visit each cinema 50% of the time. Please let us apply this thinking to Seastead Polynesia versus Seatead Bahamas. “All-else-being-equal” — please accept for the moment that all is equal – The palm trees are the same; the drink + tapas + human inter citron is the same —

(stephen russell) #5

Need Incentives to come to Seastead & use cruise lines like old West stage lines to Seastead Islands on route for PR & tourism alone etc, $$$$$$$. Sold right, they will Come.
Sold wrong, expect lawsuits.
Your call.

(Theodore M. Amenta) #6

I agree 100%. If the “Field of Dreams” is a fantasy for the wealthy — they can simple pay for it and satisfied their whim. If it is actually a ball field with socio-economic activity — What is the activity? What is the incentive for the young (22 - 32) educated (student debt) not yet married and no-children couple ----? Think about the digital nomads ---- A class of “free-lance” copywriters and graphic designers et al. ----- Who work on line from anywhere in the world — Adventure and pay off student debt at the same time. Ted