Anything Ever Happen With This?

(Alexander Tomasik) #1

It’s been about 4 years since this post happened and it was kinda disappointing that I didn’t get as much traction as I thought it would, though it definitely got a lot of views, 2.9k to be exact; least at the time of writing this that is, but only 61 replies. lol

Anything ever happen to it? I know how this shitty ironic world is and operates. If not anyone got any ideas on how to fund it? I think it’s a good design. Most of the “winning” designs look like something transplanted from the land and don’t take into consideration waves; which seems like a prerequisite for anything that’s going to be in the sea for long periods of time.

Guess I’m just looking for something to keep me busy, and hopeful of this technological melding, before I destroy my computers and live a nice amish life in the woods.