Anyone in Thailand or South East Asia

(jjackson) #1

I was wondering if there are any Seasteaders in Bangkok or somewhere in South East Asia who are up for a get-together :slight_smile:

(Leo Weese) #2

Hi! I’m based in Hong Kong, let me know when you come by! I’ve been to Bangkok only once, but will try to remember when I go again!

(jjackson) #3

sounds good, will hit you up, whenever I happen to go there. You are always welcome in Bangkok :slight_smile:


Y’all might consider the Moken people, who have been forcefully grounded since the Tsunami. New nationality claims to their traditional island and forest resources have prevented them rebuilding their traditional Kabang family boats.

(jjackson) #5

I would love to visit them. Do you have any contacts? :slight_smile:


I do, through Facebook.

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