An opportunity to make seasteading knowned by French government?

(Tim) #1

Hello everybody,

Just after the Usa president Trump decision about getting out of the Paris Cop21 agreements, the new French President calls the entrepreneurs to work with France on the Climate topic.

Do you think it is an opportunity for the Seasteading Institute to be known in France and not only in French Polynesia ?
The french government has just open an official website to provide them all kind of innovative projects for future.
Here is the link :

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The existence of multiple seasteads in different countries would
stabilize seasteading, in my opinion.

In my opinion it would be very beneficial to have some conversation
with representatives of France. French Polynesia representatives signed
a memorandum. (I hope, I am using the correct terms.)
My understanding is, that the territorial waters, around French Polynesia,
are French territorial waters. In my opinion, it would be very advantageous
for seasteading to have good relationship with French Polynesia and also
with France.

So, there is a friendly solicitation from the president of France. Responding
to it could raise awareness of seasteading.

(Tim) #3

As Spark says the sea near the french Polynesia is France territorial waters.
So maybe there should also be an agreement with the french government before the first seasteading implementation in French Polynesia.
Unfortunately I couldn’t come to Tahiti last month for the first seasteading gathering but I could see you in Paris if there are discussions with the French government.

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TSI discussion would be with TSI representatives, I would guess, the
same persons who went to French Polynesia.

The video on the link shows the president of France, but the web site
might just be using the video, and has nothing in connection with the
French government. The web site might just be a middle man posing
as an authority. They might offer services to obtain visas and permits.
These services can be overvalued or not.

As visa requirements go, I am able to go and stay permanently in
France or in French Polynesia.

(Tim) #5

I confirm you that this website is an official one made by the french government.

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Thank you, thank you.

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Well, no comments. I would like to avoid conflict.

(Tim) #8

Currently the politic landscape is changing in France.
At the election of our new President Emmanuel Macron last month, the “old historic politic groups” don’t gather a lot of votes.
Today and next Sunday we are voting for the new parliament.
With this new parliament, a lot of things will change in the country.
For example this website and the engagement of the president to welcome scientists and entrepreuneur on the Climate topic in France wouldn’t be made by the old government.
Things will change in the next years in France.
I hope it will be in the good way :slight_smile:

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I sympathize with the self-determination of the people of France.
I would like to be in contact, cooperation, and in good standing friendship.
Best regards from the USA.