Algae biodiesel?

(adam ulbrich) #1

i think if this was made the sea stead would have a very valuable trading source that it could make lots of profit off of.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #2

@AdamU | Fuel production and oceanic energy solutions are certainly one of the key topics when looking for the business fields of floating cities.


• Algea biodiesel will be part of the “oceanic energy supply package” | wind | wave | current | gas |
• The big solution integrator is the oceanic LNG gas industry that is already supplying half of the planet.
• The future energy solution that keeps humanity going and the climate in equilibrium will be based on oceanic assets. | oceanic energy storage | oceanic energy transport | gas economy - hydrogen economy |

A oceanic gas tanker delivering the fuel that keeps the industry going | gas | hydrogen | to a floating terminal - from here the gas is supplied to the land gas network. The tanker goes back to the oceanic gas field to refill and repeat.

In a future such a tanker could return not to a oceanic fossil gas field but to a wind turbine field that produces hydrogen as store and transport medium.

Tankers could also go to a seastead that farms algea or kelp and produces oil / methan out of that biomass.

Algea biodiesel is (for now) parto of the tiny segment “biomass” - but it has potential to be big in a future.

What needs to disappear from this graphic in the next 20 years is the segment coal and fossil oil…

• This could replace fossil coal and oil…algea deep sea pyrolysis | oceanic biomass | renewable oil industry |

Breakaway Civilization | Seasteading | Ocean Colonization | Advanced Oceanic Cities | Atlantis | Enlightenment | Oceanic Business Alliance | next big thing in business
(adam ulbrich) #3

i would have an interest in this when sea-steads start. i see a lot of money. and this can make us ally’s with smaller country’s by selling cheap gas.


(Jordan) #5

Would a block heater be enough?


I admit I do not know enough specifics. Quite often, the engine is warmed and hot-water tapped from the cooling system is used to heat the tank, in which case they start and warm-up on diesel, then switch, and switch back to diesel and run for a bit, before shut-down.

(Larry G) #7

A block heater would not be effective, unless it also heats the fuel lines and the fuel tank. The issue is the fuel filter and lines plugging due to fuel gelling. Engine block heaters help with preserving the engine against cracking due to coolant expansion during freeze, and it can help a little bit with cold cranking by keeping the cylinder temp a bit higher than ambient.

In the tropics, you don’t need to pre-heat biodiesel or even SVO. Gel point depends a good bit on the feedstock oils, but as long as your tank and injection system temps stay above 50 Fahrenheit you probably won’t have much issue using more or less any feedstock oil.

(Jordan) #8

Cool, thanks for the info.