Affordable Mobility from Italy

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Anyone heard of Jet Capsule, and live in or nearby the company? Wish I could help them get it going if its not been done already.

This houseboat is a game changer.

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Might work alright on a lake. Doesn’t appear very feasible for ocean travel. 3.5 knots (presuming zero wind) wouldn’t even get me upstream in the Columbia River.

The water taxi that goes with it seems pretty exorbitant and impractical:

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On the sea there are waves and there is wind.

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Check the video and specs before commenting

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I watched the video. It says the UFO has a motor that will move it at up to 3.5 knots. If it were just a floating domicile planned for permanent anchorage it would be different. Dynamic positioning has been discussed extensively here, and there are serious issue to overcome. A globe with a 41’ diameter disc around it sounds like a prescription for seasickness.

The Jet Capsule water taxi is a moderately slow 25’ speed boat with a hard top for $150,000. No thanks.

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Good luck, and twenty more characters.

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I appreciate your response and sorry for the coarseness. I’m partial to the concept since I was thinking a sphere or dome would work best as a central stable mass for a structure and bonus for the mobility.

My excitement from the discovery is mostly because it matched my idea and showed affordability. 800k to build, yet 200k for production isn’t bad…

Look at the overall construction, then add something like this:

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Spheres or domes probably would work ok, with a heavy keel/ballast. Add the rim around it at water level and you’re handing a big lever to wave action. Maybe you could gimbal it somehow to swing more or less freely, but you’d only be able to come out of the bubble at the very top.

I think you could build a balloon-like buoy home with a heavy keel in this size range for sh!t tons cheaper than $200k. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t do it for less than $50k. Getting it to be comfortable on the open ocean, usable with some kind of docking solution, and big enough to “have a garden” and not go stir-crazy is another issue.

You know what works great for damping wave action? Mass. We just upgraded from a 7000 lb (Dry weight) 27’ cabin cruiser to a 19,000 lb (dry weight) 35’ yacht. Wind action on the Columbia can be considerable, especially at sundown when the hundreds of miles of river gorge become a wind tunnel for air cooling off starting in the east and heading west as the sunlight fades. My boat no longer bobs around from wind ruffling the surface, and I only get minor bobbing when even commercial ships (ocean-going vessels and massive tugs with thousands of horsepower pushing multiple thousand-tons barges) pass in the night. We sleep like babies now.

Gravity… it’s the law.

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For sure. Mass is the matter at hand.

The link I included was for a gyroscopic wave energy generator. It could be reasonably stable judging by videos I’ve seen, as well as the article.

The sticker price is ridiculous I agree and the real way to go is self production.

Where are you again? Columbia?

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It’s intriguing, but not as a stand-alone option.

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Vancouver Washington. Columbia River.

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River life. Ok. My background is in aquaponics aquaculture farming and scuba. What’re you uonto?

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My profile here on the forum has most of the obvious details.

Yes, River Life.

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Hmm… looks like I can’t really post my notes to the forum since it contains too many links. Mission Impossible? Save it if you can comment.

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Seasteading Ideas and Resources






Structures and Housing

(((Note: apis cor partner in USA sells the printer for $200,000 and offers training.

Heating and Power



Relatable Income

Real Estate

Reference Examples



FOOA requirements: Water flow, freshwater, effluent collection, desalination, self powering, algae harvesting (eutrophication from excess nitrogen rich waste make prove beneficial for artificial inducement)

Shellfish could clean tank excesses. Must check tank for poisonous varieties of algae OR have closed/limited cycle. Alternatively, if system is all freshwater after algae tank (boil the algae downsystem), then there is some less concern due to being freshwater variety. Not to mention saltwater algae perform poorly in fresh water, and vice versa. Freshwater system eliminates conservationalists’ complaint of hybrid escape.

(FOOA) Freshwater Open Ocean Aquaponics
Fresh water floats in sea water, so should be able to capitalize on nutrient release from tilapia through grate or netting; so long as a hard container can hold fresh water, should be viable. Suggest multiple designs; modular for general (helps for part repair/replacement), unibody tanks for large capacity.
Structures: 3D printed mold, fiberglass/foam, simple interior framework for hull creation
Applicable for troughs/freshwater containment
Mold creation no longer needed for lightweight large structures w/fiberglass & foam
Qualities: composite integrity, scalable, repairable in water.

(Potential: harbor farms, seacity infrastructure, aggregators, affordable housing, water storage/capture, freshwater aquaculture on ocean/lake/sea/bays)

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Cool! Thanks for reposting. Obviously a rough note collection.

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You’re welcome. I meant to note that it was your list, but I was posting from my ipad and it was awkward.


Oddly enough, some of it is stuff I’ve brought up in here… Others are topics I’ve helped cover better… Discussed offshore aquaculture with a university in Oregon, Washington State, or maybe B.C. Lord only knows what all I’ve studied, over the nearly decade of TSI conversations, from the old forum, through now.

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Sweet! I’ll look through those, thanks

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