AC or DC (both?) For the Small Seastead/Homesteader Philosophy

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Please explain.

That depends on the outside temperature, iirc most heatpumps switch on resistance heaters below a certain temperature, because the power to de-ice the outside coils isn’t worth it.

On a non-traditional floating stead, the ballast can be used in deep water as a heavy weight on a string to spin a generator, or power hydraulic pumps, a boat lift, etc…

Why dc? To keep a stable dc system, with overcurrent protections, etc, you basically need the same level of electronics involved as changing the dc to ac or the ac to dc.

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For DC pump efficiency I have gone by the Backwoods Solar Handbook - maybe it is because it doesn’t need to go through an inverter, and I am talking about fractional horsepower pumps - could be different with larger pumps.

If the temp gets below 40°F, heatpump outdoor coils can ice up, which then they go through a reverse cycle for a few minutes to defrost. Some of the mini split systems are effective down to 10°F. I switch mine over to gas at below 40°F. Electric resistive is the heaviest per btu output.

A massive saltwater flow battery would be great at the break water for wave and wind power generation and storage.

For preferring DC over AC, I mean for small camper loads, or a small Seastead apartment - I’m thinking of system simplicity. But only after things are up and running would the competition begin and the best technology would become apparent. I have an inverter on my home system so I could run AC appliances for a little while - small microwave, or to power my father-in-laws power recliner should he get stuck being reclined during a power failure.

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On a seastead, there is likely high humidity and condensation. Water everywhere, on everything, including the electrical system. Have you found ground fault breakers for dc, in an assortment of volt and amp ratings?


Amazon is your friend …

And … by the time anybody gets around to building an actual seastead, they probably will have drone-to-boat delivery options.

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associate degree in electronics technology, I can understand it if you type slowly.

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