A Support Base Competition!

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This is a new competition to challenge @Alexander_Tomasik to BUILD and OPERATE and ADVERTISE  a seastead support facility on land, providing those features needed by people living on the water.


Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico
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the building on the water has “commenced” already 1200 years ago with the first Tanka settlement…

Floating settlement • ref. | Tanka | Sea Gypsies | china´s boat people |

Floating settlements for more than 1200 years…square miles of extension…they have a social infrastructure, and a support base, they even have their own CULTURE and in part jurisdiction, - but they never made it above “marginized existance level”…in over a millenium…that should tell you something…and get you on the right track what to look after…

The interesting question: how will we improve on that (not repeate their failed experiment)...

(as counter thesis see VENICE its difference and its economic development… )

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This is not about what happened in history, this thread is about NEW competition.

Yes, and many other cultures which worked the same way, like the Lake Makoko which could not take proper care of the modern school as a community. Your examples are often depressing, @ellmer , because they show a strong military dictator is needed to force groups to do things in the group’s best interest. For instance: if you dump your toilet into the lake, your whole boat is confiscated.

This thread was to be, hopefully, about the land interface to whatever form the seasteading becomes today. But if you want, sure, we can take it offtopic and make it be a farce.


It would be nice to have the funds to do so. I have most certainly tried. Nobody else seems willing to live there, to watch over the stuff others might bring and need to store there. Some people want a place to build and launch, but have no commitment to supporting it. Fella in Fla disappeared just in time to not commit, even when I went to Fla on that business trip, but he and his buddies want a place to build their multimillion dollar catamaran… (Rent free, evidently)

Jeff Frusha

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I am sorry i keep disappointing you.


Not you. Others looking for a place to build that offered funds then disappeared.

However, I am in contact with another realtor, looking for suitable property, even if I am dead-broke.

Jeff Frusha

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