A new Hope, Marinea resurrected?


I couldn’t agree more.

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You know guys, we need to listen to what Talador is saying here because that is the very type of thinking that has halted our progress to date. Wil, this is where we failed. No one wants to think that they know less about these projects than we do. No one… This means that unless we get big money backers, building a group funding is not feasible. We can’t be in the field of educators, we need to give them what they want. Part owners of an island sited to be a sea settlement is something worth buying into.

We need to change our paradigm. We are no longer building something that needs a definition, we are no longer building a seastead. We are building a harbored marina for sports fishermen, people who live in boats, libertarians, and eventually a settlement living on the ocean. We are the route 66 of the water highway between Florida and Cuba. In other words we are building an island business. That is something that takes no imagination to wrap the brain around. We eventually get what we want by giving others what they want.

Well that is in essence the new idea. Do we like it enough for everyone to participate?
If so we need to get a quote on one of the 90 some islands in the Sal Bank. Any suggestion?


All you need to know is that it is corrupt. Pretty simple actually.

That is too bad, because there are a number of doers and thinkers out there.

Maybe you need to think bigger. I already hinted before, but no one picked up on it, why do some of the very wealthy buy Islands and Mega yachts?

Answering that question will tell you an awful lot.

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Because they can…

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Bob having had some experience with even small scale developments I can assure you the environmental studies and eventual approval of creating something like Atlantis Nassau Island would make the floating option the more obvious from the start.

When I say that buying a private island could work as your sell point I imagined something much like floating real estate, around or off an island.

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As somebody who does ship repair on floating construction sites in the Caribbean i can confirm that - the appearent advantage of a land plot is NULLIFIED multiple times by the administrative COMPLICATION it calls upon your project.

Work hypothesis: It is hundred times easier and more economic to create a floating construction site than work from a land based operation out onto the ocean.
The only reason Marinea was always tied to the Bahamas was Bob´s insistance....

Our golden rule for projects - avoid land contact at all cost all the time. Minimize it to load the workers into a tranfer boat and load the materials from a truck on to the material barge.

Do even these two “inevitable land touching operations” at a time and a place where they transcur unpercieved. (very early in the morning renting access on an existing installation on short notice) your project gets rid of 99% of all INTERFERENCE this way easy and quick.

In a project you need to get rid of direct land contact early preferable BEFORE the construction site reaches 20m in size.

Talk to Polititians and Governments is NOT what you do FIRST - it is what you avoid at all cost. Due to the Interference potential it opens - see it as your box of pandora. Once you open it all kind of nasty things come out - and you can not close it again...

Driving a pile, putting a water access, putting something on the beach - all this opens pandoras box inmediatly . Only a floating building site out of sight of the shoreline keeps pandoras box closed.

Of course if you want a project in hurricane alley you need the island as weather and wave shield . So the first thougth would be “everything is easier in the hurricane free part of the caribbean”

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Yes, exactly, we are on the same page. We connect everything to the island via piers but we are not doing anything that would require any kind of study. There was already a marina on one of the islands, it’s just in a state of major dis repair.

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Wil, I don’t think that is true. I do believe my rational of primary placement being the Sal Bank, given the thawing of relations between Cuba and the US won over most of the others but recall that we could also choose Belize as their government regs were limited like the Bahamas. We are too small a number at this time to make demands on anyone. We almost need to be in some existing country’s waters so we want those that will welcome us until we have developed enough to go be on our own.

Money talks. All governments want more money, we just need to find away to get them some and any studies, restrictions and wavers will automatically appear. Let’s learn from TSI, they are making away for FP to make more money. It was all so obvious, my mistrust of government blinded me to the benefits of governments. A deal with them or their blessings is better than any endorsement from any political party. And we don’t have to ask, we know what they want. let’s give it to them. A piece of the action as the say in Chicago.

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The first sentence makes no sense, therefor i agree with the second sentence that you cannot be educators. You have nothing out there right now, i suggest again you do not buy an island as the very first action. Talador has been out there, if buying a pile of rocks was the best idea, don’t you think he and his friends would have done so by now? Investors aren’t going to buy it for you, because when you fail they will be unable to sell it and recoup their money. They must assume you will fail, because you have no proof of your points of success. You have not so much as spent a night out there, or sold one cup of coffee out there. On the other hand, of all the yachties who have been there, of all those who have lived on the islands, no one lives there.

You build your own seastead, not other people’s seasteads. If they are self sufficient, they can and will arrive in their own transportation and living spaces. The best you maybe can do for your dream is a support business and maybe eventually a hotel.

There, you said it. Your clientele will be unscheduled transients. You cannot build a harbor, that means dredging and filling, the opposite of “environmental stewardship” repeatedly mentioned in connection with Marinea. And Bahama won’t allow it. And they won’t allow the amount of ground tackle required for a workable floating breakwater. And, Route 66 was famous for people going places, what data do you have for the Cay Sal Bank being such a traffic route? And have you traveled Rt 66 lately? People found other routes to travel, virtually no one had any reason to stay encamped along the way. It took three days to travel the length of Rt 66, it doesn’t take that long to travel to Cuba, travelers’ support systems in Cay Sal isn’t required.

Start small. Gather data. You cannot sell things, to provide Ellmer’s dear ROI, without knowing your customers.

You go in and decimate the environment with large facilities and Bahama will declare the Bank a national marine reserve and kick everyone out of it forever. Cay Sal Bank is a geat place to start, but you can no more seastead the bank in a large way than the Great Barrier Reef or Chesapeake Bay or Minerva Reef.


Of course. That’s the way to go in Cay Sal.

I should add that in the case of Cay Sal you might not even have to buy an island there. Just work out an agreement with the Bahamians to allow you to develop there in exchange for certain tax revenue.

Bob, why would that pitch work for the second time around? Fisherman Paradise hasn’t been use in years,…It is steel and it might need $ millions in refit by now. Also, building a 380’ permanent dock on Cay Sal would cost how much?

Given that the agreements with the Bahamians would be in place, wouldn’t be wiser (and make more business sense) to use such funds towards building a small marina, buying a supply boat and “set foot” on the island so we can start developing the floating real estate around it?

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Yes, it really wood but we are just brainstorming here. Just had an idea and wanted to see if it would help get something in the water.
Here is a second option in Belize, another accommodating government.

Lark Caye

Price: $175,000
Location: Belize
Size: Two acres
Lark Caye is the deep-sea enthusiast’s paradise with its beautiful coral rocks and numerous species of exotic fish—plus, it’s only six miles from the village of Placencia, where rich Americans are treated like GODS.


Looks like a swamp, no elevation, in need to be filled.



“rich” being the operative word… Basically sounds like you’re suggesting people give you money, make you rich, so you can do what you will.


You are really taking this out of context man,…C’mon now,…

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Well, I thought that it was worth talking about, or fodder for the trolls, your pick. I like the idea but we don’t have enough backers to pull this off so… it was worth talking about.

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  1. you must sell what people are buying.
  2. people will not give you money when they figure they cannot get it back
  3. most people have things other than money to put to the cause.
  4. you put me on your ignore list really fast, and first.


The conversation was about a harbored marina that won’t require dredging.

Who said anything about a breakwater?

How do you know what the Bahamians will allow or not?

Why would large facilities “decimate” the environment?

What’s up with all this nonsense?

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Was talking to someone i thought knew more than me, and i got alarmed. I appologise, i can delete the post if you want?


don’t have to…

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I agree. No need to delete. We like to know what you think.