A new Hope, Marinea resurrected?

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I’m starting to like you, you’re a funny being.
It is which registry that your boat is listed on. If you have a boat registered for fresh water and you take it out on the ocean, I’m pretty sure they would still rescue you even though that would have been a pretty stupid thing to do. But this listing tells the next buyer if it is of a seaworthy class.

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@ForexBob ,

You need to separate out what you are quoting - the above looks like it is one big quote from @ellmer eg:

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To my knowledge, I have never quoted @elmer. Why should I? You quote people that can carry an argument for you. I would quote people like Steven Hawking or Dr. Green but even though I think Pres.Trump is doing one hell of a job, I didn’t vote for him nor would I quote him as his respect level is pretty low. If you don’t respect someone you won’t care what is said.

Steven Hawking said that he doesn’t believe the world will last another 100 years. Because he said it news people all over the planet quote him. Now if I would say the same thing, who cares.

So let me tell you about Wil. He has a personality only a mother could love but he also has more experience than anyone here, including me. He has a drive that is all but unstoppable and a native understanding of the mechanical workings required to live on the water.

If you are in a fight, you want the Navy Seals on your side, if you want to succeed at ocean colonization, you want Wil on your side. Wil would have made a good Navy Seal, he doesn’t know when to quit.

I admire and respect Wil even though if I had to work with him, I would end up kicking his ass.


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That is a strange response . . you don’t seem to have finished reading what I wrote (or understood it if you did read it) or understand what is meant by a “quote” on a Discourse forum . . are you not sober or just being silly for a laugh?

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Wow, Elmo said that Dec 17 2017, over a month ago.

Whatever you call this forum, it is inhospitable to nested quotes. The markup language must be manually edited to appear properly attributed and visually offset in the page layout. (@thebastidge) I hope i said that properly, i suffer from an inability to communicate with humans. But i am not attacking anyone in this post.


LOL, what for? Buy a used powerboat,…

Why would you eliminate a good running diesel that can take you hundreds of miles away on a full tank with an electric engine that will just run only few hours on a full charge,…

I wouldn’t pay $500 for that boat. But that’s just me and my money,…

You’re really funny now…

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As a matter of principle,I never go near the internet without being properly medicated, however let us not overlook senility. My money’s on a rare type of insanity that makes people want to go and live in the middle of the ocean.

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Ha! I thought there would have to be some sort of derangement . .

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Already had one of those, but sailboats are somewhat water tight, if rolled, they will right themselves. Powerboats are fine to live in on the shore but at sea, you want that water tight aspect. Of course when we build we will factor in water tightness but to try it out, you need a sailboat.

Secondly, a sailboat has less resistance so a smaller force can move the boat. I don’t want to keep diesel on board because the fumes get into everything. It ruins your food and makes your cloths smell. Fuel cost money as well, where electricity is free after initial upfront cost.

After I test it out at sea, I intend to build a barge for my wife and myself. We will then rent out the sailboat to someone who wants to test out ocean living for themselves. But I will want a 60ft or so, 31 is definitely too small for us.

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One problem that we face but have not addressed is the amount of plastics in the water. By 2050 scientist expect that by weight, there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish. That has to effect our distillers and such. Anyone have a plastics magnet?


Use marine strainers on the intake.

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Some of you are working on kelp and algae production, here’s a competition for $100,000 to the team that makes the most fish-free “fish oil” to aquaculture operators or feed manufacturers.


LOL… NO. None of that.

Marine strainers:



It is your prerogative. BUT, be ready to pay the price for it when something gets stuck in your engine’s intake manifold,…

Yes. That strainer should be inspected and cleaned regularly. It’s part of the joys of boat ownership :smile:

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We were talking water filters, none of my engine intake manifolds are water cooled. And i did not say “use no filters”, but i wouldn’t use one that would clog after 5 minutes in heavy traffic on the ICW, or pricey ones, or ones i needed to keep a large stock of.

I was reading way back when of a couple boating on a canal and the water was so dirty they could not get a single gallon from their watermaker without changing disposeable / uncleanable filters. They didn’t dare run the engine.

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This little boat may be the answer to the weather problems.

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The storm flipping the boat upside down is ok, as long as it flips back upright? How many such flip-flips is ok with you during the storm?

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Kid, you scare me…