A new Hope, Marinea resurrected?

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@ForexBob |

• what is the DIFFERENCE to the first project version ?

• How does this project version AVOID what killed the first one ?

• What is the learning curve ?

• Why this version will be attractive for investors when the first wasn´t.

• Is the “give me 15 Millions to buy a used steel barge and start the floating future of humanity in the Bahamas” investor elevator pitch still on the table ?

• Is there more focus on “solving the seasteading technology bottleneck” and unleash the real estate paradigm shift potential of seasteading in the early project phase.

• What is the analysis why the first version failed according to @ForexBob in the first place ?

• What is your view now on @tamenta (Theodore Amenta)´s viewpoint ?

What do the other ex marinea team members | @Elwar | @Matias | @MarkStephan | @ellmer |
say about the project …


Seasteading is the REAL ESTATE DEAL of the century waiting to be discovered by the mainstream investor…

It is not about politics, not about the Bahamas, not about sandy islands and Governments...it is about investment and ROI...and the core technology to settle the global waterspace and get a foothold in it.

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I will respond publicly shortly. I am working on an eminent domain “taking” case called Berlin Placer in Summit County, CO. (if you are interested). Property owners are seeking just compensation for loss of mountain “views” and “solitude.” The case is a rezoning of 23.4 acres from 1 house to 34. You are correct about the real estate being investment and ROI. I failed to convert my Bahamas-Based investor to fund. You will recall I was working on a pro type and “testing” locations; Polynesia, Bahamas and Cartegna. Bahamas and Cartegna were both preferable to Polynesia locations ---- Cartegna was superior for two principal reasons: adjacent labor pool - no hurricanes. I stalled in both projects for lack of “anchor” use (master lease) from a IT incubator. ---- My professional work load then increased dramatically ---- and I moved on. Thank you for reaching out. I may propose to survey this thread if you agree — mix of programatic uses? size of first resident group? level of interest? permanent or part time resident — level of investment, etc. Ted

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Theodore, our boardroom is still open the project is ongoing… the “Amenta Setup” is still on the table.

In the meanwhile i am also offering floating homes built in our advanced cement composite technology on a USD 98 K base for the Cholon Lagoon.

| http://nautilusmaker.com/t/cholon-cartagena-colombia-tourism-boat-party/4173 |

It might one day grow to a IT incubator floating settlement with assisted living almost hotel style ( as you envision) or we might just bake smaller cookies in the end having a couple of houseboats - who knows ? - The markets and investors will decide what comes to life and what not.

In our group we believe that there are many roads to ocean colonization and the end of one project does not mean anything. Others will succeed - there is no one point kick off for ocean colonization - this is a media myth - not a business reality.
Postulate: Ocean Colonization is already around us in the preliminary form of marine business and marine engineering projects of all kind. Floating City cruise ships, floating hotels, floating wharf harbor installations, floating ship repair docks, floating ferry terminals, oil and gas industry, floating marinas, floating airports, etc. etc. - all this will some day be combined to form a floating city New Venice and New Atlantis style. - it is inevitable.

The only interesting question is who will drive the business on the new frontier, be part of the key player network - and who will not.

| http://nautilusmaker.com/t/construction-activities-during-the-21st-century-will-be-dominated-by-concrete-sea-structures/4512/1 |


Like I said, I know Maxine. You can pay 23.5 million if you would like. That second picture is depressing, it is my wife’s favorite swimming hole in the world.

Yes, we often have diving emergencies. Someone has to : )

The Cay Sal bank is bad for a number of reasons, did I mention a bad, nay horrible anchorage? No Communications? There is literally nothing there and no reason to go except for big, tough lobsters. Remember this is in comparison to hundreds of much nicer placers in the Bahamas.

I want everyone to also consider that a SeaStead on the open ocean would be much worse than the Cay Sal Banks. . .

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That’s like a scene out of the Life Aquatic

Hello Theodore, I would personally find that quiet useful

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Exactly, if we think of that location as a commercial anchor we already have a good example of what we are competing with:

  • Entire self contained worlds built out of thin air, or sand. (ref 18)

  • Located Strategically as close as possible to next to hot urban centers ( ref )


It has already been done, very profitably no less. We call them Cruise Ships, not SeaSteads though.

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Is it very profitable though? The Cruise Ship operator reaps some 2%, the passengers cannot tolerate such high density for longer than a Theme Park vacation, the crew gets to work in the service industry at sea, albeit in terribly cramped conditions - not exactlly the Love Boat. MS the world shows the limitations. Cruises are an operation, not a settlement.

If any of the above variables becomes better (less density, more comfort) we’d be in yachting territory.

What could be more nimble than a sand landfll like Monaco, Nassau, Singapore, and mmore spacious than a Mega Cruise Ship?

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The task is to take the smallest amount of the most economic building material possible, enclose the maximum of space possible, place it out at sea and finally fill the obtained real estate space with a profitable and sustainable operation of some kind.

The logical and most economic answer is a sphere a bubble dome shell cluster - not a ship.

In a future all kind of business will end contained in spheres floating in the ocean in a 100% recycle ambient .

• For interference freedom reasons
• For availability of space
• For global mobility of resouces
• For sustainability of < 7,5 billion people on planet earth

Land structures and cities can not be expanded anymore - on contrary they need to be built back to allow nature to breath and reduce the ongoing mass extinction of species that is progressing already.

It is not only about tourism operations - it can also be a DME fuel factory - the key is "running a profitable and sustainable operation of some kind - ocean based…

The point of ocean colonization is to colonize the planetary watermantle - not clutter the last pristine sandbanks and lagoons.


Big live aboard yachts are probably the way to go. Along with big manufacturing shipping boats.

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I think we might have a more accessible idea

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Even a high floating one? perhaps a cluster of them as we have on the pipeline?

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In evolution the next big thing is always only one step away from what is here already - bubble cluster island is almost a mega yacht creating the same ambient with much more accessible pricing…

While the luxury yacht segment operates at a cost base of USD 34.000 per square meter real estate, bubble cluster island operates at USD 300 per square meter offering the same ambient with less cruising speed.

( http://nautilusmaker.com/uploads/default/original/2X/3/347398f207160920f88d5751cf96ca2c68224900.jpg )

That looks like competitive business to me…

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Now all of that said, I am not sure that I am the one to lead this up if it were to come into fruition. I just recently tried to die and feel that I want to avoid another run in with a hospital. But I can help. And I would love working with TAmenta and Mati on a project like this.

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That would be a very solid mental anchor to sell the new community before it becomes so obviousy game changing. I can imagine building around off an island with ecological stewardship in mind.

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I think you are missing the point here, we are looking to colonize the oceans. We would not want to colonize Florida because there are already people there. We want someplace that is on the way to several places but no one lives there and no one wants it. That is the attraction to the Sal bank. No one wants it so we can use it to take our first steps into ocean colonization. There used to be a marina on one of the islands in the Sal Bank back in the 50s and 60s, and a lighthouse on another. However, from an island, we can build an enclosed harbor instead of just a marina. Beautiful fishing and no laws. Sounds like paradise to me.

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with deep water all around, a floating “Atoll” can be developed progressively around the rim


That all depends on purpose. Mine depends on open waters, however I’m quite content with the concept of being over the Continental Shelf, within US, even Texas State waters. That also puts me close to existing processing and shipping facilities, medical services, relatively short-ranges for telecommunications, within USCG protection, etc.

Limiting yourself to finding places that meet fewer needs and have less accessibility, simply for the sake of isolationism is ridiculous.


I live on the ocean and have already colonized it. I think that qualifies me to understand don’t you think?

The Bahamians are very protective of their banks for fishing and tourism and the US Navy will enforce Bahamian jurisdiction. They will gladly confiscate everything there, when not if they want to.

Woah! I think that wins the stupidest comment on the internet for today. The First and only reason for a State is to control its territory. Yes the State loves you to improve ‘their’ property and pay taxes, but if you ever think they don’t own and control ‘their’ property they will set you straight in a hurry.

It would be, but there is no basis in reality for that dream.


A floating "Atoll’ offers no protection or benefit.