A Marinea Update

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Jan 10, 2017
It is the beginning of the new year and I thought a little update on the Marinea Project that began right here as a focus group, was due.

In 2016 we established an IBC (International Business Corp) for the project in Belize. Established a feasible plan to establish a floating village at sea using current technology and participant funding (self funding).

As Marinea is intended to be a pilot project into ocean colonization, we set four criteria that we expected to meet, 1 the project had to be duplicable so others could start their own site using a tried and proven method. 2 the project had to be expandable because if it wasn’t, it couldn’t survive long. 3 Marinea has to be self supporting, that is it has to pay for itself by creating more than it uses. 4 it must be made to work in harmony with nature, we call this long longevity.

Phase one. We identified our primary target area to begin our project. We chose the Sal Bank because it is in line between Cuba and Miami. The islands are claimed by The Bahamas but they are mostly useless to anyone as they are to small and in danger of getting washed out by some big wave. However, they make a perfect wave breaks and maybe a land park for picnics on the beach.

Phase one is the Proof of Concept phase, most likely future seasteads will begin with our phase two as they would not have to prove something works twice. We have identified a refitted ocean barge and will use it as our first point of entry. It has a hotel, fueling station, restaurant and bar, and enough room to house employees. We will add a large general store to service the boating community. People living in Marinea in phase one will mostly live in free anchored boats. We will add a floating marina in phase two.

Funding took us a while as we learned about the securities and exchange commission’s rules for offering stocks. We want the project to be self funded by those of us that are likely to benefit from establishing a seastead that could one day be the world’s first floating country. The future citizens of Marinea should, and I am sure would want to, fund the initial core. So we established a membership program that has as its long term benefit, citizenship in your own country.

In brief, we have the endorsement of the South Carolina Libertarian Party who will also contact other state parties for additional support for this project. This works well as we don’t want to run a government and libertarianism is about the most limited type of government known. Several libertarians have agreed to writing a constitution for the rest of us to consider then they will bring their government into existence.

The website was a nightmare but we have it up and running. We are hoping to add an online store in the coming months. But now we can sign up our founding members and get the ball rolling. Unfortunately we don’t have unlimited time to purchase the hotel barge so we are currently seeking someone or some business that can be our primary supporter with a lone for $10 million which would be paid back from the profits from memberships. This method will allow us to get in the water and operational while waiting for memberships to grow to the point where we can pay for it all and begin our growth. Profits from the general store, sale of fuel and water, and hotel will help the project to continue to grow and help pay for ongoing new research into the safety and comfort of living at sea.

Well that about covers this years progress. If you would like to learn more or participate in the Marinea pilot project, stop by the website at marinea.org and look around. You can catch one of our radio interviews to get a different perspective. You are all more than welcome. And thanks to everyone here for being part of the seasteading movement, into a new frontier.
Seas the future!



Good luck.

W/respect to sanitation and sustainability, I’ve covered and documented sewage and food wastes to biogas and liquid fertilizer for hydroponics/aeroponics. Some of the documentation is from NASA…

Jeff Frusha

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Hello Bob good to see you again on this forum… | Marinea Preliminary Business Plan 2015 | @Matias, @Elwar, @MarkStephan - comments ?

(Mark Stephan) #4

Progress has been made, and I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish in 2017! I feel that seasteading is right around the corner, and am happy to be a part of what will be a revolutionary set of technologies and way of life.

(Larry G) #5


  1. Why incorporate in Belize for a project in The Bahamas (even if only nominally inside Bahamian territory)?
  2. Can you point to the registration of the company where public records can be examined?
  3. Is there a charter for the company that outlines what members of the association “Club Marinea” are owed in return for their monetary contributions?
  4. How does ownership of any company assets fall out in the case of corporate dissolution?
  5. Does membership in the association convey any ownership stake in the corporation? Does it work like a timeshare equity interest?
  6. You talk about issuing stock and learning SEC rules; can you enlighten us as to why SEC rules apply to a Belizean company, and what the outcome is in real terms for individuals to purchase said stock?

The website really needs a section that explains the benefits of “membership” in more concrete terms of investment and ownership. If you’re issuing stock, one should be able to sell it later, yes?

  1. Were there other options considered for lower cost entry?
  2. Why a fully-accoutered “luxury” hotel barge? Why not retro-fit something at lower cost? A “country store” concept with fuel dock seems like it would be much cheaper to start up than “luxury” hotel. More truck stop & floating RV resort, less Vegas. Sailing yachts and local fishermen are your most likely customers in that area.
  3. Are there any stats available on the hotel barge you intend to invest in? Year of manufacture/refit, systems included, overall size, number of berths, displacement, any of that kind of info?

Is it realistic to expect anyone to kick in $10-$15 million bucks? You mention different amounts in different places, an inconsistency that casts serious doubt on your budget projections and general trustworthiness. $15 mil is 3 or 4 times most small business start-up capital. I can’t tell if you’e expecting enough $100 memberships to cover the majority of cost or if you’re looking for an angel investor to front a loan for the whole amount. It’s not clear whether you are selling memberships for club access, ownership stake in a facility, selling stock in a public or private corporation or just soliciting donations in return for a nominal title (“honorary member of the mouseketeers”).

I don’t ask these questions to be an ass; I’m genuinely interested and want to point out that you’re not doing a great job of selling the concept even to a friendly audience (me). You’re asking people for money, but not proactively showing the value proposition. You can’t assume that people see it automatically. It’s not quite “underpants gnome” territory, but it’s not well-developed enough that I would point a friend to it, not even close.

Edited to add:

I see also that your business plan on the website lists:
Marinea Global Holdings Corporation
118 E 1st Ave
Easley SC 29640

But a check of the [South Carolina Secretary of State website](https://businessfilings.sc.gov/BusinessFiling/Entity/Search) doesn’t show any such registration. The address you list shows an empty lot on Google Earth. None of this builds much confidence. Now I’m starting to be suspicious of you all.

Obviously not related: https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/10057585

(Bob LLewellyn) #6

Your input is appreciated. Thanks for the feed back on the website, I’ll let the web developer know, and will post an update here when completed. All your questions will be answered, and of course I may be contacted directly via the Marinea website.

(Larry G) #7

I make no allegations, merely observations.

-I’m not the one who put the address on the web. I mean, why get pissed when I got it from your website? Zooming in, I do see that the 118 address is on the door of the building you point out, so pardon the misunderstanding about the empty lot: I stand corrected.
-I’m not the one who kept mentioning stock and the SEC. I merely asked for clarification. The question could’ve been avoided by simply saying that the option was off the table for logistical or legal reasons.

I would think the other questions are perfect for an “ask once, answer many” FAQ section, or a more detailed description at least. When I had a business, I put my company info online where it could be cross-referenced and licenses checked.

When one is asking for money, there is no room for taking offense when people ask for proofs. When one is asking for millions, one had better get used to it and start providing it up-front.

(Bob LLewellyn) #8

No problem at all. I am working on compiling the answers to all your questions, and will be back with you soon.

I’m not pissed at all, sorry if it came across that way.

(Larry G) #9

OK then. Certain things about the presentation have put my hackles up a bit, but I honestly started this out trying to provide you some feedback that I think would help with gaining customers. Presentation matters. I’m a person who would be willing to throw $100 (or more) at something that is worthwhile even if it is likely to fail but I’m not throwing any money at something that is misconceived, shady, or not really trying.

Convince me and it goes a long way towards convincing other people like me. I mean, anybody who might have $10 million dollars is likely to ask a lot harder questions than I have.

(Bob LLewellyn) #10

Agreed. I would love to talk with you. I had meant to give you this link to the Marinea business plan https://marinea.org/media/MarineaBusinessPlan Hope it answers some of your questions.

(Larry G) #11

Yep, I saw that business plan. It’s good on vision, light on business. The “governance” section could do more on the business structure and decision-making process and let the “government” slide. Sample business plans usually include the corporate structure and how profits are distributed (non-profits have disbursement plans for achieving goals, what types of things they will spend on, etc.)

You don’t explain how it’s all monetized other than the part about seeking an investor. No mention of how loans get paid back, or a capital asset strategy that is related to preserving and generating assets by means of the business’ income.

I mean you av laid out a couple monetizing strategies here: build, rent out or sell apartments in the facility.

You don’t have a business environment analysis (who are the potential customers, what kind of volume) or SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). You need to know you can pay loans back before you ask for the money. That means it needs to be developed to the point of having a financial forecast. There’s no point in borrowing money if there isn’t a potential to pay it back.

There may be multiple revenue streams from various operations:

R&D facilities, shipping and transportation, the marina, retail and food/restaurant services, housing

That’s all well and good, but you need some kind of rough idea how much each of those cost, and how much each can be expected to earn before you know if they are even worth engaging in. Restaurants have slim profit margins, except for alcohol. Marinas have lots of maintenance costs. For example, my non-profit private yacht club on the Columbia River charges some 200+ members about $250/month just for maintenance of the place. Shipping/transportation has high capital investment and operations costs, and generally is involved in taking stuff from here to there, not just being a spot in the middle of nowhere. Pure scientific R&D doesn’t pay well- you usually have to beg for money, you don’t really make money on it.

(Larry G) #12

A resource for inclusion in business planning:


(Bob LLewellyn) #13

Much of what you said is justified. Some things we can’t talk about yet as negotiations are still happening. Somethings we can’t talk about by SEC rules unless you have over $500,000 to invest. If we put all the stuff that you mentioned on the website, the FCC and SEC would believe that we are selling stocks. Memberships do not fall under SEC rules.

The first 150,000 members (Founders) will receive one Sea-note with their membership. Will these C-notes pay the holders a profit? I can not discuss this unless you have over $500,000 to invest. Not my rules, you understand.

But C-notes can be given or sold to another or traded in for one of the services provided by Marinea. C-notes traded in for some product or service will go to the research department to support on going research. (A self funding research department), This will also give us some experience running a block-chain program. We are basing the market on Bitcoin, at least to start with. But we may release our own currency based on what we find while running a limited block-chain program that helps funding.

Also the limited info on citizenship (memberships) that you pointed out earlier is already being worked on.

Larry, why not call me, I’m not really a bad guy. Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you my phone number if you don’t have it already.

(Larry G) #14

Another service that might bring a revenue stream in the Cay Sal area would be processing catch: particularly freezing it.


The Bahamas doesn’t appear to patrol the Sal Bank super regularly, so having a cooperative agreement to report poaching night be another way to build relationships and make it work.

(Larry G) #15

Making sure I’m being fair, I did find the registration for Marinea in Belize:


(Larry G) #16


@ForexBob How long do you anticipate it will be for you to raise the funds needed?

(Bob LLewellyn) #18

From Siwel123. “How long do you anticipate it will be for you to raise the funds needed?”

We are raising funds through memberships which will become citizenships for those members that joined early and helped us to build. Naturally, citizenship will cost somewhat more after we get established. We have the guideline for the UN to become an independent country. We will present our list of members/supporters and would be citizens to the UN, not just people that signed a petition but members who paid $100 to be part of the project and future blue country. The faster we get our message out, the faster we will get to that point.

However, there is a fast track. We are currently looking for a backer or backers that can loan the project the $15 million that we will need for phase one. If we can find that person or company, then the answer is very shortly. There is a likelihood that a company would like the PR of having their name attach to the project then to the boat marina in phase two like they do for sports arenas. I wish I could be more informative than that but it is the timeline that I am working with.

We think it is likely that we will get the support of the libertarian community because of our open model. In fact, we already have the endorsement of the South Carolina Libertarian Party and hope to have the rest after Mark meets with the heads of the various state parties later this month in New Hampshire. We have offered the job of creating the government and running it to the libertarians. There currently is no libertarian governments anywhere so this will help the party with a demo for what libertarianism is and some name recognition (advertising).

This should help our membership drive and relieve us of the responsibility of structuring a government of/for/and by the people, Libertarians already have that skill.

So I hope the answer to your question is soon.


@ForexBob thank you very much / very informative. Do you think it will be possible to gain such money in backing funds?

(Bob LLewellyn) #20

Sure, its done all the time, look at the New Orleans "Mercedes-Benz Superdome. I am going from memory here but I think the deal for naming rights was $100 M for however many years it was for, I can’t remember the details. The same for the “Bank of America” Stadium in North Carolina.

Once we get the first platform of any type in the water, we are news. Even middle size companies can afford to use our project for advertising benefits. But I think the added PR will go beyond immediate advertising with our project, so I think it shouldn’t be so impossible to find the right person or company. Plus there is profit sharing possibilities as well. Got to be careful what I say here due to SEC rules but if you know anyone that has such an amount, rest assured we will treat them right.