2017 – the year seasteading begins

(Randolph Hencken) #1

We are on the edge of changing the world.

It's hard for me to believe this is reality. On January 13th, 2017, President Fritch will come to San Francisco from Tahiti to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with us solidifying our agreement to collaborate on developing the first seastead in a lagoon in French Polynesia. We are in this position thanks to the thousands of visionaries and dreamers who have become a part of our team over the past eight years. Next year is going to be amazing. It's also going to require a lot of work. Now more than ever, your support is critical to accomplish our ambitious goals. Join us on the next leg of the journey and make an end-of-year contribution. Here's the short version of what you should know about our endeavor in French Polynesia:
  • Our venture is poised to launch a seasteading industry that will provide environmental resiliency to the millions of people threatened by rising sea levels, provide economic opportunities to people in remote and economically deprived environments, and provide humanity with new opportunities for organizing societies and governments.
  • Our agreement with French Polynesia stipulates that French Polynesia will work with us to create a legal structure for seazones with a "special governing framework" by the end of 2017; and that we need to conduct site-specific environmental studies, and economic impact studies to justify the creation of seazones.
We will need to pay lawyers to craft the seazone act, environmental scientist to assess our environmental impact, and financial forecasters to conduct economic impact studies. We can only do this with your support. Meanwhile, a new company is being created to develop seasteads and operate the seazones. We will share more information about the new company next year. Together we can change the world. Make an end-of-year donation today. With more excitement than ever. Happy holidays, Randolph Hencken Executive Director
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(Wilfried Ellmer) #2

Congrats for the major breaktrough in Polynesia and several key media - looking forward to an even more exciting Seasteading year…
@RandolphHencken | @joequirk | still interested in Caribbean as Seasteading Location ?


I am a lawyer and, before the funding for the project fell through, I was working on a project with the Republic of Kiribati to draft legislation for a land-based special economic zone. I would be happy to assist with drafting legislation, but I do not know French and my background is common law rather than civil law.

(Matias Volco) #4

Congratulations! Can’t wait to imagine the hospitality opportunities to share this breakthrough with the World!

(John) #5

I am impressed, congratulations on this achievement!


Good luck and God bless the journey. Long row to hoe, yet.

Continuing my own efforts for the GoMex, though all of the same concerns and requirements still apply.

Still haven’t seen anyone with a more complete picture, regarding food supplies, waste handling, energy supply, or water supply.

They don’t seem properly addressed, within the context of the contests.

Would like a better idea of how those critical aspects are being addressed, within the context of the proposed design.

Perhaps their technical department could add to the forum?

(Wilfried Ellmer) #7

@RandolphHencken | can you communicate preliminary plans for 2017 on this forum ?

(Kai26) #8

This is really exciting, congratulations!!!